Youngster Mother 2 Changes: How Are Jenelle And Barbara Dealing With Their New Custody Settlement?


After Jenelle and Barbara’s legally binding custody settlement used to be set in stone right through remaining week’s Youngster Mother 2 installment, the mummy of 3 stated she might “by no means forgive” her figure. So how has the duo fared with the adjustment round Jace’s time table for the reason that their day in courtroom?

Throughout this night’s logo-new episode, Jenelle met Jace and Barbara for a hand-off — and the interplay used to be temporary (Babs informed Jace to “have a laugh”). However the second one change among the Evans circle of relatives did not move easily. The purpose of rivalry: The authentic get started of Jace’s summer time holiday with Jenelle.

“This coming weekend, I am getting him, after which he is out of faculty Friday, so you then get him at the Monday for 2 weeks,” Barbara said.

However Jenelle insisted that she used to be intended to have Jace the day he completed his research — and that used to be at the Friday (now not the Monday like her mom instructed). Jenelle even texted her attorney and showed that Jenelle had the correct to have Jace “the day his holiday begins.”

This did not take a seat smartly with Barbara, who then found out that she had plans to take Jace out of the city.

“I imply, sorry,” Jenelle said. “That is the regulations, that is the settlement.”

Hiccups are to be anticipated while navigating a brand new time table — however will the 2 have the ability to settle this dispute peacefully? Or will the difficulty with their verbal exchange proceed? Stay staring at Youngster Mother 2 on Mondays at nine/8c.

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