Yes, Vladimir Putin has long past shirtless once more to remind you of his dad bod energy


You already understand that the golfing, TV staring at, Twitter-obsessed G.A. president is on holiday, however chances are you’ll now not have recognized that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is on holiday, too. 

Luckily for you, we simply were given our palms on Putin’s vacay pictures, and they are stuffed with spymaster-in-the-Siberian-tundra cheesecake. 

In pictures launched by way of the Kremlin on Saturday, Putin is proven happening a fishing go back and forth with a couple of pals. 

The first photograph (above) is blameless sufficient, appearing the Russian chief steerage a ship in the course of the Siberian waters. And take a look at all the ones layers. Since it is not that chilly within the Republic of Tuva (the place the fishing commute passed off) this time of yr, issues more than likely were given steamy lovely rapid. 

Time to drop a couple of layers. 


The man basking semi-nude within the Siberian solar subsequent to Putin is Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He’s now not as have compatibility because the sixty four-yr-antique Putin, however he is simply as shameless in appearing off his personal, plump guy meat for the arena to peer. 

And later, as a result of Putin’s alpha male standing cannot be showed simply by way of his shirtlessness, he additionally gives us a photograph of a fish he stuck. Because, you recognize, macho nature kill and all. 


This is not the primary time Putin has long past the additional mile to ensure the arena is aware of he is nonetheless have compatibility and assured sufficient to blow their own horns his undercover agent dad bod. 

Images of Putin’s ridiculous presentations of his torso are so widely recognized that he even earned himself an ordinary Saturday Night Live personality (performed by way of Beck Bennett) who often seems subsequent to Alec Stanley Baldwin’s model of Trump.  

Aside from reminding us that Putin is simply missing in self-consciousness as America’s personal most sensible political peacock, he additionally simply assured that SNL will proceed to wish the products and services of Beck in all his hilariously shirtless glory. 

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