Wonder Legends Guardians of the Galaxy five % Leisure Earth Unique Set Motion Figures Avail


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  1. Why is there alot of people complaining about the price each marvel legends cost around 20$ a pop there's five figures in this box set and it's a exclusive, 100$ for five add tax of each figure and it comes out to be roughly around 120$ another thing to keep in mind its a set you won't see on shelves in target or most store that sell ML figures.

  2. Not everyone got a chance at the figures when they first came out so now many collectors can secure themselves the SDCC exclusive Star Lord (with better paint), The Groot BAF (without having to buy all the other figures in the wave), the Rocket Racoon (Without having to buy the other figures in the wave) and the new Gamora and The newISH Drax look pretty good so I can definitely say buy it if you don't have any of the figures or just want the newer versions 🙂

  3. I really like this 5 pack. Rocket, Drax and Star Lord look better than their previous comic version releases, none of which I have, Gamora looks alright from what we've seen, would have preferred the hood and cape look, and Groots head doesn't mix to well with the movie body. I wish Howard the Duck and Cosmo were in it too.

  4. Little Groot is indeed a MU repaint from the 3-pack/new Rocket single pack. It looks hella small and doesn't look good with the ML. I'm mostly an MU collector (I seriously own 3 ML figures and an X-men classics Gambit) so I am better off waiting for the 2016 3.75 inch Gamora (even a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel). The ML Groot can fit nicely with the MU, too bad the comic version is in a set that is $120 and an exclusive to a website…

  5. I have a hard enough time getting just one Marvel Legend every now and then. I'll have to practice the Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern sad face to convince the GF I'm worth it.