Why is US in love with soccer? Sorry, football – BBC Information


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Regardless of the outcome towards Germany nowadays, america has emerged because the pre-eminent English-talking soccer country at this Global Cup. And the workforce’s good fortune has now not long past omitted again at house, the place an predicted 25 million folks watched the dramatic 2-2 draw with Portugal.
The BBC spoke to soccer lovers in New York approximately how the sport is being embraced in the United States – and the way football tradition in america differs to that during extra-based soccer nations.
Produced through the BBC’s Anna Bressanin

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  1. I'm sorry rest of world, no disrespect but soccer is so boring. To me it is men kicking a ball around for 90 minutes and maybe it will go in the net 1-3 times a game. American Football is so much more exciting.

  2. soccer is a sport in America for those that have no athletic talent . a sport for runty little Mexicans , and women . I would watch womens soccer , if they played it naked.  that and it is just plain boring , dull as dish water.

  3. I've been an nlf, mlb fan all my life but I switched to soccer because of the advertising involved in major US sports. I loved being able to watch a game that didn't stop every 5 minutes to be inundated with people trying to sell me shit. After 20 years I was fed up. Soccer didn't take long to grow on me and i'm now in love with the game. Particularly the national team as there is not as much corporate involvement and where players want to play for their country on a world stage. There is nothing else like it and wish more people could see the light.

  4. Basketball is the greatest sport to emerge from North America; it will stand the test of time. Basketball has the greatest prospect of becoming a global sport: not hockey, not baseball, not gridiron. Basketball is a beautiful game, the second most [Football is no.1]

  5. Handegg players run around 3 Kms in a match. That's less than what baseball players do. Football players run 11 kms, in addition to getting tackled and kicked. So much for calling football, er soccer, a girl sport.
    But I dont think that's the real reason behind the unpopularity of football in the US. We all know how 'good' US is at soccer. Its evident in the number of FIFA World Cups that they have.
    The grapes are sour I guess.

  6. never have I actually cared about US football because as soon as I saw their teams play, I really got disappointed. The only player that got my attention during the 2014 world cup was their goal keeper.

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