Wholesome Meals Vs Junk Meals Track!


A meals music for youngsters! Do you prefer broccoli? Do you prefer chocolate? Train and be informed meals names, and the adaptation among wholesome meals and junk meals! Nice for youngsters, small children, little toddlers, ESL scholars, and adults, too! 🙂 Who wins within the fight of the meals!? Be informed the phrases: broccoli, salad, fish, eggs, nuts, yogurt, fruit, cheese, rice, beans, water, chocolate bars, apple pie, chips, cookies, fudge, soda, fries, scorching canine, churros, sweet, pizza, cheese, rapid meals.

Song and animation written, carried out, and made via Adam Williams-Walters.
Copyright 2016 Adam Williams-Walters/English Tree TV, All rights reserved.


Do you prefer wholesome meals? Or do you prefer junk meals?
Do you prefer wholesome meals? Or do you prefer junk meals?

I love chocolate bars! And I love apple pie!
I love chips and cookies! And I love salty fries!!

However wholesome meals makes you robust
Wholesome meals makes you rapid!
Junk meals it makes you vulnerable,
Junk meals makes you large and fats

I don’t care approximately that! I’ll have a pizza please!
And unwell take a few soda! And a few additional cheese!

However wholesome meals is helping you develop, Wholesome meals is right for you
Junk meals it makes you cushy, junk meals it makes you sluggish

However I love fudge and churros! I love sweet too!
I love scorching canine! I love rapid meals!

Consuming all this junk meals! Makes me really feel alive!
However because the time is going by way of, I think like I may just cry!

An excessive amount of junk meals in you…
And now you cant even, transfer
You recognize that it’s right for you,
Why did you steer clear of, the wholesome meals?

Why’d I consume the junk meals!? I would like fish and eggs!
I really like nuts and yogurt! I really like fruit and veg!

I really like cheese and broccoli! I really like rice and beans!
I really like ice water! And salad that may be inexperienced!

And every now and then I’ll consume junk meals! However I gained’t put out of your mind!
Most effective consume just a little bit and get more fit meals!


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