Voices in AI – Episode forty two: A Dialog with Jem Davies


On this episode, Byron and Jem talk about system studying, privateness, ethics, and Moore’s regulation.


Byron Reese: Hi, that is “Voices in AI,” delivered to you via GigaOm, I’m Byron Reese. Lately my visitor is Jem Davies, he’s a VP and a Fellow and the GM of the Device Studying Team at ARM. ARM, as you recognize, makes processors. They have got, actually, ninety–ninety five% of the percentage in cellular units. I feel they’ve shipped one thing like one hundred twenty five billion processors. They’re delivery 20 billion a yr, this means that you, listener, most probably purchased 3 or 4 or 5 of them this yr on my own. With that during thoughts, we’re very proud to have Jem right here. Welcome to the display, Jem.

Jem Davies: Thanks very so much certainly. Thank you for asking me on.

Inform me, if I did purchase 4 or 5 of your processors, the place are all of them? Cellular units I discussed. Are they in my mobile phone, my clock radio? Are they in my sensible gentle bulb? The place on the earth have you ever secreted them?

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