Virginia capturing: Gunman opens fireplace on most sensible politicians – BBC Information


Gunman opens fireplace on most sensible politicians at a Republican baseball apply consultation in america state of Virginia
Space Majority whip Steve Scalise is said to were hit along side quite a lot of other folks

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  1. Sadly, this is going to become more common in the future if politicians keep recruiting more unqualified people and passing toxic bills that rob the American people. This is how a modern revolution in America will start.

  2. Are you mad that republicans are traitor and commies want to kill elderly, poor people, and disabled or u mad because trump is going to suck Putin dick without you After the Fourth of July ! we'll you can still raise is little commie flag if u hurry ! Suckie, suckie

  3. the man from illinois was a flop at everything he did/he couldnt shoot straight, work, or pound a lid/failure marked his days, his years across the land/the cops shot him and he fell dead in the sand/the people voted for trump they voted for life/the idiot gunman wanted only to spread strife/we can curse his name as long as we have breath/forget him forever from the second of his death.

  4. This comment section is CANCER!!! Trumptards are trying to say that all liberals support this when REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ARE CALLING TO COME TOGETHER!!! We need to stop saying that 1 nutcase represents everybody and try and find common ground. because If this guy represents all Liberals than Dylan Roof represents all Conservatives.

  5. It would seem that the shooter was just shooting into the air. The people injured were most likely the result of friendly fire. We will never know so lets move on to the next one.

  6. We have all seen the left and its violence against anyone with a different view.Its ironic as hell when they scream fascists and say they are against fascism lol

  7. Did you not know that the gunman first asked who was on the field? He started shooting when he found out they were Repubs. Soros backed agitators+nasty fake news+liberal education= all the violence at the demonstrations. These liberals don't just disagree with people, they have to hate them! Antifa is a collection of the misinformed, haters, racists, and blame everyone else for what they do. Time for the government to arrest and PROSECUTE every one of them for the violence. Unlike Britain, here, words are words, and are free. If you can't take name-calling, you need to stay home and suck your thumb. But physical contact is another thing.

  8. time to take back the country boys and girls. let's round up these liberal shit bags and put them in a trash dump like the worthless scum they are.

  9. My school was 6 blocks away from the shooting. My friend arrived at school and heard gunshots and people escorted her into the school as fast as they could she had no idea what was going on . It was the scariest day of her life

  10. Joseph gallarado Don't no who
    your aiming comment at? I do pray thank you very much and don't need someone to tell me to do it thanks. People will pray in there own time not everyone on earth are awake at the moment though unfortunately you can't push it as it has to be in there own time not everyone learns at the same rate or way others do.

  11. Trump was the one who persists with DRAIN THE SWAMP. He is now the biggest part of it now, along with the Republicans who allow him to play a more vicious and deceitful game of politics than we have ever seen. This man was responding to that cry. He obviously overeacted.

  12. One of the first debacles Trumpanzee signed – making it legal to put guns in the hands of mentally disturbed people. Google it! So are T-rump's tiny hands clean???

  13. I'm happy to see that all who were shot survived this brutal leftist attack, and I'm also glad this disgusting communist peasant animal got what he deserved.  His bullet-ridden corpse should be hung on a DC lamppost as an example of what happens to vile leftist soviets who dare attempt to disrupt Republican domination.  The proletariat will NEVER win, and these disgusting animals on the left will be mercilessly defeated.  The left's new tactic appears to be hiding behind the second amendment they hate so much just to kill Republicans.  Communists like him deserve one thing.  Death.  Typical Sanders terrorist.Long live the Republican party, long live Steve Scalise, and most importantly, long live President Donald Trump.

  14. All media is calling this dude ,, gunmen,, why not terrorist? because he was white and Christian? When his name would be mohammed or mustafa then all media would call him islamist or terrorist.

  15. People are talking about this is why you need gun control. No, this is why we need to guns to protect ourselves. Had 50% of the congressmen there had concealed handguns on them or with them or had any spectators had the same. That shooter would have been dead within the first minute he started shooting. Family members of mine have saved their own lives using their concealed handgun a multitude of times. Once my step-father was subjected to someone trying to hi-jack his car while he was getting out, he pulled out his pistol and stuck it to the robber and the robber fled. Guns save lives, they don't kill them. Only bad people take lives and they will get a gun regardless of what the law says someway, somehow.

  16. Just another violent left winger that will receive nothing but excuses from the biased media…had a political Republican done this the media would be blaming Trump and white people and a right wing culture of violence. Democratic liberals are the new terrorists and they hate western culture…they even side in with radical Islam. We seriously need a new civil war to get rid of the garbage and restore America and western culture/values.