US Politics & Russia


Jill Dougherty
International Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Global Middle for Students
Prominent Traveling Skilled, Evans Faculty of Public Coverage and Governance, School of Washington
Former CNN Moscow Bureau Leader

Molly McKew
Overseas Coverage and Technique Marketing consultant, Knowledge Conflict Professional and Author

Kevin Ryan
Director, Safeguard and Intelligence Venture, Belfer Middle for Technology and Global Affairs, Harvard Kennedy Faculty
Member, America-Russia Initiative to Save you Nuclear Terrorism

R. Nicholas Burns (Moderator)
Roy and Barbara Goodman Circle of relatives Professor of the Follow of International relations and Global Family members,
Belfer Middle for Technology and Global Affairs, Harvard Kennedy Faculty


  1. So, Molly McWindbag: who has Russia invaded as of late? Crimea? You mean, the Ukrainian peninsula that originally was part of Russia–then voted to reunite with Russia because of the Ukrainian coup? So…Russia has invaded nobody. How about USA? Well….since 2001 we've invaded: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen–and don't forget about the THOUSANDS of US military bases spread throughout the world. Is Iraq a better place today because of GW Bushes unilateral invasion and destruction of that country? No! It is a shithole of chaos, civil war and misery. You are a paid propaganda liar for the CIA and USA military and you suck ass bigtime.

  2. Molly McKew is a fucking shill for the American deep state. Russia is NO threat to anybody. This Harvard Kennedy School is a bunch of fucking propaganda. Period. I have never seen so much McCarthyite bullshit in a very long time. Fuck off Molly, one finger salute 2U.

  3. What garage! At the end of the cold war, America decided not to end the cold war, that how Nato ended up on Russia borders now. Harvard has degenerated to a mouthpiece of the New York Times. America has troops in almost every country on earth and Russia is the biggest threat? I am a US Navy veteran and let me guess this institute gets it's funding from the pro war lobby.

  4. Its not Putins agresion u stuped fucks.Its German attempt YET AGAIN to take Ukraine.And germans dont mibd wasting Americas soldiers for it.
    Antagonosm breads Antagonism.
    We have to integrate Russia into West fully.Rather than to isolate it and weakn it economicaly

  5. Russia will eventually integrate into western economicaly completely. Cus alternative is vary dark for them.Chin would eat half of russia if it could.
    Also isolation…isolation =stagnation. It has historicaly hurt russia always

  6. The US is preparing for war. Background information is created. US citizens fooled. Everything worked well and without Hillary Clinton. In what place will begin war on the United States? Ukraine? North Korea? The Arabian Gulf? Here is the main question. And the fact that USA will start a war, no doubt.

  7. 17:56 "I've spent years working in small countries trying to protect them from Russian aggression and Russian influence."
    Thank you, Molly McKew, I couldn't really pinpoint the reason why I felt so safe when I was in Latvia.

  8. All countries do public relations or as they say propaganda.  Boy are they stupid for Harvard grads.   They also don't know how propaganda works.  It goes from the domineering ideology to the recipient.  Basically Russia is winning a war of ideas.  Also if you borrow money from a bank, do they tell you exactly what to do everyday?  These are comical assertions.

  9. Very disappointed to have heard Nick Burns general opinion, especially voiced in such a forum. First time i have heard of him and he reminds me of Milton Friedman

  10. Nick Burns should not work as an honest professor. He appears to be a rather clueless propagandist. He assumes that any country in disagreement with the US are bad. Not suited for International students with knowledge and intelligence.

  11. The $1,000,000 question is why Russia spend so much money on U.S. elections.  China, Germany, Saudi Arabia and other oil producing nations have a lot interest in which president is elected.  If one investigates Russian media channels in the U.S..  You'll probably find out that they are owned and controlled by American corporations.  I think Russia today is not really control by Russia in the United States.  I don't think it was the Russians behind the interference of U.S. elections.  If you look at Russia today most of the new anchor personnel.  Are high United States profile anchor people.  My guess is Russia today is controlled by the unions and the CIA and the FSB.  Next thing you know you have Dan Rather  the news.  With his famous closing sentence.  And that's the way was on today.  If you look at other foreign media outlets in the United States.  Like al Jazeera English and Tonto news by China and DW by Germany.  They were so boring  They have all failed miserably.  So the question is why is Russia today so successful.  You know if you look at the median United States like ABC NBC and CBS.  It's all about black people.  In only about 7% of the population United States as black people.  Yet 80% of the content in the news media is about black people.  80% of the population in the United States is white.  President Donald Trump ran on a racist ticket  won the election.  My advice is dictate a couple of sentences and then save.  Well I called sentences.  English wasn't exactly my best subject.  But it works pretty good.

  12. Hillary Clinton damaged herself we also know that she messed with the DNC votes. we also know that 5 news people that were reporters were paid by the DNC. also she took more than a half a billion dollars from terrorist groups. THE FBI had Hillary Clinton under investigation so i guess the FBI worked for Russia. the fat girl is a paid shill for soros. look her up. the straw man argument is disingenuous.