1. Ahh, why can't you be older and go to my college so we can hang out and talk about politics all day long and campaign for our boy, Bernie? For real, you are smarter than the majority of my peers, and all of my friends…

  2. as an ole' white guy…I love what you are doing kid. For a while there I thought progressive ldeas had been denigrated and marginalized to the point of blurring the very lines of right and wrong. I helplessly watched everything that mattered to me about upward mobility for the regular guy, be demonized as socialism. Sad part is, they convinced "regular blue collar guys , that these progressive ideas were leaving them behind, because the foreigners were getting "extra opportunities " that weren't available to them. A good contemporary example is obamacare(I personally like the name and hope they call it that forever ) in red states, they refuse to expand medicaid for poor people (intentionally making it seem like all the immigrants are getting special treatment ) further exasperating racial tension, while screwing their own

  3. What's so bad about a political system that has only two parties? A system where both parties are considered conservative AND authoritarian by advanced foreign countries? A system where politicians represent only about 30% of the public's opinions? Seriously, guys. I don't see a single issue.

  4. You have the right message and you communicate it in the right way, but to get more subscribers you need to upgrade your video and audio quality.
    Keep it up! Cheers

  5. The USA's political system causes too much death and suffering to be a joke.
    It's tyranny….and that's very fucking far from funny, I'd say.