Tulsa TD Taken Off Board After Untimely "Birthday party" [Update]


And now, for the dumbest factor you are going to see nowadays:

That is Tulsa’s Justin Hobbs having a seventy two-backyard landing seize wiped off the board as a result of he type-of, type-of top-stepped on his strategy to the top zone. The Golden Typhoon is two-6 at the season, and whilst there’s nonetheless 12 mins left within the recreation they’re dropping via one aspect—they usually’d be up by way of 3 in the event that they’d gotten that landing as an alternative of the sector purpose they ended up completing that pressure with.

That is so dull.

Replace (12:forty five a.m.): Tulsa misplaced via 4 issues, the precise margin that they misplaced because of this penalty.



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