Trump is going low as US politics will get private and toxic


“For extra on that heated debate among Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump we’re joined now through our Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe. Stefan, it’s been defined as a toxic debate and for sure Donald Trump used to be now not pulling any punches. Is there a consensus in the United States on who gained?”

Stefan Grobe:”Toxic is nearly a real understatement. I will be able to inform you this, I’m a student of American historical past and politics and I’ve watched each and every unmarried presidential debate. I’ve by no means noticed anything else like thi…
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  1. Four groups of people elected Obama…the left wing media, blacks socialists, and the parasites. The same four groups will elect Hillary. Deal with it.

  2. I love watching these mainstream news outlets shoot themselves in the foot with all their lies and shameless bias. You fuckers got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. One day when you're obsolete and unemployed, you can thank yourselves, because you flushed away all your journalistic integrity for that evil lying old hag.

  3. You have got to be kidding me. Clinton does nothing but goes personal, as soon as Trump answers in kind, the whole of liberal media starts screaming.

  4. I listen to the first few seconds and then went directly to the comments and yes every comment is something like, this isn't news this is pro Hillary Clinton bias media. that was the best statement of the night and got the most Applause , Hillary should be in jail! she is a criminal and if Trump gets in she will be in jail along with George Soros and many others!!

  5. What a joke. There is no one lower than HRC. Dirt looks down on her. She has killed many with her decisions, she lies like a rug. 200 million in the bank for being a public servant, that alone should be criminal. She was there when Obama drew the red line in the sand. She lied when she said she did not delete emails after receiving a subpoena. She lied to Bengazi parents. She loves ACA that included 20 million people but screwed over everyone else. My insurance has gone up over $7000 a year that I pay out of my own pocket.

  6. But she's a massive criminal, on so many counts. People are getting locked in cages for years for possessing a forbidden plant. By that metric, she belongs in a cage for life for all the crimes she's committed. Why is it even controversial for Trump to say that?