Tokyo Commute Information


Our Tokyo commute information! We after all made it to Tokyo and it used to be well worth the wait…
Need to arrive in Tokyo in a position to talk? Then take a look at our pals at italki and purchase one Eastern lesson to get a 2d lesson loose!

Way to our pals at Japan Airways ( for buying us to Tokyo on one in every of their superb 777-300s. They have got the largest financial system seat within the sky and the meals used to be AWESOME.

We’ve got been looking ahead to years to get to Tokyo and it used to be well worth the wait – what a fantastic town. Breathtaking surroundings, implausible meals, and pleasant other folks – that is our absolute best episode to this point. I will not wait to get again to Tokyo. Watch in complete HD glory!

The place we stayed: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo


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  2. I've been to Tokyo twice, and I REALLY hope I get the chance to go a 3rd time. I'm more interested in going there a 3rd time, than going anywhere else in the world for the first time.

    The weird thing is, I get anxiety in large crowds of people. I don't like being around that many people. But, I LOVE THE MOST crowded city on Earth. Part of it probably has to do with how friendly and respectful the people are.

  3. i feel only bad things like tiny rooms , overcrowded streets, billion of rules, and cold people would await me so i prefer to watch video like this one

  4. If you want an early breakfast in Japan, look for a kombini.  Always have coffee, always have onigiri. And where is that Godzilla in the final shot?  I'm pretty sure it isn't the one in front of Toho Studios.

  5. I went Japanese restaurant in Birmingham my favourite place and the chef come up to me saying did you like the speical we done? It's new to the menu. My boyfriend was worried that he was trying hit on me lol but yes it was amazing. The food is heaven not just fish and chips for me 🙂

  6. It's not rude to tip, its just that there is no history of that so they'll look at you funny or think you forgot money on the table. Its like if someone offered you…. say sex, for serving them food, you'd be weirded out wouldn't you?