The Secret to Making Money by starting a small business.


S nice Seminar on the best way to get a industry going with no need to spend some huge cash. Justis talks approximately how its imaginable to make use of what he calls the 3 “I’s” to create a success small companies that do what you wish to have them to do…in different phrases make you cash and come up with freedom fairly than taking time and money clear of you.

This 38 minute software is a smart primer on find out how to get started any industry and make it a good fortune.


  1. Incorporate, if you fail… it wont be personal… you wont lose you home or anything. That business is its own entity… it goes bankrupt not you. Start a knew one… $1000… not much really. 🙂

  2. In Having Any Business, Industry, Manufacture, Company, Farm, Etc., Remember, When A Worker EXEMPS, The Head C.E.O.’s Or The Business Owner’s, Etc., Equal Deductions (To Said EXEMPT Employee) Ceases, ALSO . EXEMPT.

  3. Why does it matter if it's a fake audience? People really just come to YouTube to complain? What did you click/search for the video for in the first place ?

  4. How about this one: what do you do when there is an economic crisis in your country? When you can't get a loan? When the unemployment rate is like 60%? When the working population is getting a mere $500 a month to survive? But everything is major expensive as if that country is in a normal state where the minimum wage of full time jobs is at least $1500 a month? What do you do when you've opened a thrift store, because of the crisis, importing the best, almost brand new clothes, and top quality items, but people don't have even money for that? How do you survive when the tax rate is at 24%? When your health insurrance is $800 a month? Well? Yeah, I thought so. Mumbo jumbo for people who didn't think things through and failed…

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