The Sadness Keeps For Group USA


It’s now transparent that the USA is destined for an overly subpar Wintry weather Olympics. With simply 12 overall medals within the video games thus far, the American citizens are recently sitting 6th within the medal rely — a whopping 17 medals at the back of Norway, the whole chief.

In keeping with the straightforward medal tracker we presented over the weekend, the U.S.’s tally is 10.eight fewer than we’d be expecting at this aspect within the Olympics. (Our research is in response to how nations have performed traditionally within the more than a few Olympic sports activities.)

Who’s in advance of % — or falling at the back of — in Pyeongchang?

Exact and anticipated medal counts via u . s . a . within the 2018 Wintry weather Olympics

Anticipated Medals
United states Gold Silver Bronze Overall vs. Exp. REMAINING Ultimate
1 Norway eleven 10 eight 29 +nine.three eight.1 37.1
2 Germany eleven 7 five 23 -2.nine nine.four 32.four
three Canada eight five 6 19 +2.7 eleven.nine 30.nine
four Netherlands 6 five three 14 +four.three five.four 19.four
five France five four four thirteen +2.7 four.four 17.four
6 United States five three four 12 -10.eight
7 Olympic athletes from Russia zero three eight eleven -1.nine five.three sixteen.three
eight Japan 2 five three 10 +four.nine 1.eight eleven.eight
Austria four 2 four 10 -five.three five.nine 15.nine
10 South Korea four 2 2 eight three.four eleven.four
Italy 2 2 four eight +zero.four three.three eleven.three
12 Sweden four three zero 7 +zero.2 four.7 eleven.7
China zero five 2 7 -zero.6 three.nine 10.nine
Switzerland 2 four 1 7 -1.2 five.7 12.7
15 Czech Republic 1 2 three 6 +2.three
sixteen Nice Britain 1 zero three four +2.four zero.nine four.nine
17 Slovakia 1 2 zero three zero.three three.three
Australia zero 2 1 three +zero.6 1.2 four.2
Finland zero zero three three -2.nine three.five 6.five
20 Spain zero zero 2 2
Belarus 1 1 zero 2 -zero.nine
Poland 1 zero 1 2 -1.1 zero.7 2.7
23 Liechtenstein zero zero 1 1
Kazakhstan zero zero 1 1 +zero.three zero.2 1.2
Ukraine 1 zero zero 1 zero.2 1.2
Latvia zero zero 1 1 -zero.five zero.2 1.2
Slovenia zero 1 zero 1 -1.2 zero.eight 1.eight

Resources: Sports, Global Olympic Committee

Who’s in advance of % — or falling at the back of — in Pyeongchang?

Exact and anticipated medal counts via u . s . within the 2018 Wintry weather Olympics

Anticipated Medals
U . s . Gold Overall vs. Exp. REMAINING Ultimate
1 Norway eleven 29 nine.three eight.1 +37.1
2 Germany eleven 23 -2.nine nine.four +32.four
three Canada eight 19 2.7 eleven.nine +30.nine
four Netherlands 6 14 four.three five.four +19.four
five France five thirteen 2.7 four.four +17.four
6 United States five 12 -10.eight 14
7 Olympic athletes from Russia zero eleven -1.nine five.three +sixteen.three
eight Japan 2 10 four.nine 1.eight +eleven.eight
Austria four 10 -five.three five.nine +15.nine
10 South Korea four eight 2 three.four +eleven.four
Italy 2 eight zero.four three.three +eleven.three
12 Sweden four 7 zero.2 four.7 +eleven.7
China zero 7 -zero.6 three.nine +10.nine
Switzerland 2 7 -1.2 five.7 +12.7
15 Czech Republic 1 6 2.three 2
sixteen Nice Britain 1 four 2.four zero.nine +four.nine
17 Slovakia 1 three 2 zero.three +three.three
Australia zero three zero.6 1.2 +four.2
Finland zero three -2.nine three.five +6.five
20 Spain zero 2 2 zero
Belarus 1 2 -zero.nine 1
Poland 1 2 -1.1 zero.7 +2.7
23 Liechtenstein zero 1 1 zero
Kazakhstan zero 1 zero.three zero.2 +1.2
Ukraine 1 1 zero zero.2 +1.2
Latvia zero 1 -zero.five zero.2 +1.2
Slovenia zero 1 -1.2 zero.eight +1.eight

Resources: Sports, Global Olympic Committee

That shortfall is definitely the worst hole for any usa that has gained no less than one medal in Pyeongchang — and the U.S. doesn’t have a large number of time left to show issues round.

Lindsey Vonn, a favourite within the ladies’s downhill snowboarding race, and each the ladies’s and males’s hockey groups have an opportunity to give you the U.S. with a few degree of redemption. And if all else fails, there are nonetheless a couple of extra skiing occasions at the time table. However although the American citizens pick out up the % and play to their ancient shape for the remainder of the video games, our components places their overall medal rely at 26, which might slightly transparent Group USA’s asymmetric efficiency on the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy.

And bearing in mind what we’ve noticed in Pyeongchang to this point, 14 extra medals turns out like a stretch. Thru Tuesday’s motion, sixty seven % of this yr’s medals were provided, that means that the U.S. is technically on % (primarily based merely on what number of they’ve gained so far this video games) for approximately 18 medals overall. That will be the fewest that U.S. athletes have earned in a wintry weather video games when you consider that they nabbed thirteen on the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

Regardless of the way you slice the numbers, this is still a extremely disappointing appearing for the U.S. in South Korea.

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