The forty two Most eldritch Films on Osama bin Weighted down's Pc


Nowadays, the CIA launched a trove of information received from Osama bin Weighted down’s compound while he used to be killed via US forces in 2011. We knew that bin Weighted down had a few sudden issues on his pc, however we have now a greater take a look at one of the information.

“Lately’s unencumber of recovered al-Qa‘ida letters, movies, audio information and different fabrics supplies the chance for the American other folks to realize additional insights into the plans and workings of this terrorist employer,” CIA Director Mike Pompeo stated in a observation.

“CIA will proceed to are seeking possibilities to percentage knowledge with the American other folks in line with our legal responsibility to offer protection to nationwide safety,” Pompeo persisted.

Osama bin Weighted down’s pc had a atypical mixture of the whole thing from Tom and Jerry lively cartoons and crochet educational movies to IED and beheading movies. As an example, he had one video of the beheading of Jack Hensley, who used to be a forty nine-yr-antique American beheaded in Iraq in 2004. Keep in mind that, I don’t recommend you Google it.

Bin Weighted down even had Hollywood films like Antz, Automobiles, Heroes of The next day to come, Hen Little, Resident Evil, and the 2009 Dreamworks lively thirteen-minute brief, B.O.B.’s Large Holiday. Is it imaginable that youngsters have been observing a few of these films within the compound? Needless to say. However I’d like to believe that one of the most worst terrorists of the century if truth be told simply had a cushy spot for western cartoons.

And in case you’re brooding about, sure, that first video seems to be the viral vintage “Charlie Bit My Finger.”

We now have a brief listing of one of the crucial strangest titles beneath. You’ll be able to seek all of the listing of movies right here, and take a look at the opposite information that america discovered at the company’s primary web page.

  1. YouTube_-_Charlie_bit_my_finger_-_again__.flv
  2. MyEgy.CoM_Street.Fighter.IV.2009.DvDRip.rmvb
  3. Lifestyles.of.the.Angels.mp4
  4. IMAX_Mysteries_Of_Egypt.rmvb
  5. Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Baby_Crochet_Sock_Edging.flv
  6. How_to_Crochet_a_Basket.flv
  7. Crochet_Star_-_Small.flv
  8. Stripe_Crochet_Beanie_Cap_Hat.flv
  9. Twinkle_Twinkle_Little_Star.flv
  10. Tom-jerry17.rm
  11. Tom___Jerry_-_091.rmvb
  12. MyEgy.Com.By way of.Dr.MiDo.Jackie.chan.Ep_(26).rmvb
  13. Animal_Monkey_Never_Giveup.wmv
  14. [MSOMS-ANIME][MCT][534][nooood].mp4
  15. MyEgy.Com.Sindbad.Via.Dr.MiDo._(28).rmvb
  17. The_Pink_Panther_-_014_-_Bully_for_Pink.rmvb
  18. Sex_Crimes_and_the_Vatican.wmv
  19. BBC.Battlefields.3of4.Bomber.XviD.ahmed_ashour_wa_(dvd4arab).rmvb
  20. 3_Welcome_to_the_11th_Dimension.rmvb
  21. Colors_Video_for_Kids.flv
  22. YouTube_-_Girls_Fight_ضرابة_بنوتات.flv
  23. The_New_FAST_Alphabet_-_ABC_Phonics_Chant.flv
  24. SynThreeFingerFlick.mpg
  26. Bubbles.wmv
  27. MyEgy.CoM.buzzlightyear.Ep12.By_action2020.rmvb
  29. 1-2_buckle_my_shoe,alphabet_song.flv
  32. Crochet_5_Puff_Stitch_Cheap_Way.flv
  34. 1_Einstein’s_Dream.rmvb
  35. cute_boy_reciting.flv
  37. classic_vanilla.flv
  38. How.many.Angels.are.there.mp4
  39. Star_Rainbow_Crochet_Applique’.flv
  40. YouTube_-_The_Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Radiant_Crochet_Butterfly.flv
  41. [MSOMS-ANIME][MCT][538][nooood].mp4
  42. HORSE_DANCE.flv

You’ll be able to watch the video for SynThreeFingerFlick.mpg under.

And as though all of this wasn’t bizarre sufficient, bin Weighted down it seems that had a nine-eleven truther video on his pc. Critically.

Screenshot of the log containing the information on Osama bin Weighted down’s pc, together with what seems to be the movie Unfastened Amendment, a September eleventh conspiracy film

As Ciazarn issues out on Twitter, there’s a record at the record referred to as LooseChange2.flv. Unfastened Amendment is the awfully well-liked conspiracy concept movie that says the assaults of 9/11, 2001 have been an inside of process orchestrated through the United States executive and George W. Bush, and now not perpetrated via someone affiliated with Osama bin Weighted down.

The “2″ within the document identify most likely refers back to the “2d version” of the conspiracy conception film which used to be launched in 2006. The film used to be first launched in 2005 on-line.

You’ll be able to watch the trailer for Unfastened Amendment beneath. What a ordinary global we are living in.

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