The Drive Unleashed's Sith Jerk Starkiller Virtually Gave the impression in Megastar Wars Rebels


Probably the most worst characters in historical past virtually gave the impression in Superstar Wars Rebels. Starkiller, the primary playable personality from LucasArts’ Superstar Wars: The Drive Unleashed online game and its sequel, is a dreadful dullard. A horribly one-observe moaner, it is a authentic pleasure to peer him get barbecued via the Emperor. The reality the video games necessarily credit score him with forging the Rebellion Alliance is so unbearably insulting, I need to for my part crowdfund a Males In Black reminiscence wiper simply to purge the hours I spent with that completely moderate hack ‘n’ slasher from my thoughts. So thank the Sith Billy Buzzcut did not seem within the display.

Symbol: LucasArts

Talking on Twitch, Sam Witwer, who is voiced Palpatine and Darth Maul on a couple of events, found out this Starkiller tidbit all through a contemporary move:

“Dave did percentage with me, through the best way, he thought to be making Starkiller an Inquisitor in Megastar Wars Rebels… It didn’t rather have compatibility the tale that they have been telling, however he did take into accounts it as a result of he idea that might be fascinating.”

In case you are not up to the mark on difficult to understand Famous person Wars lore, the Inquisitors have been a host of Pressure-delicate murderers who have been tasked with wiping out the Jedi or any creature that would regulate the ones magical little Midi-chlorians. They sound like overall dicks, so Starkiller might for sure have made a welcome boost to their ranks.

Starkiller, you suck.

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