The 14-Day Plank Plan


You already recognize the plank is a smart center workout. So we’re including plank diversifications to amp up your coaching, goal your middle from other angles to check your muscle tissue (and your thoughts).

Welcome to the 14-Day Plank Plan to help you get a great robust center the use of without equal ab workout: The plank. We’ll display you diversifications to take your coaching to the following degree with this simple to apply day-via-day plan.


Let’s get started by way of construction the foundational power you wish to have. Because the plan is most effective weeks, this problem ramps up temporarily. That’s why we construct in “restoration” days. On the ones days, you’ll nonetheless do a few center paintings, nevertheless it’ll provide your muscle mass a miles-wanted holiday so they may be able to recuperate. We suggest you do those after your exercise, now not prior to your loaded workouts.

The key to good fortune is consistency: All it’s a must to do is display up and apply the plan. Also, keep in mind that: It’s approximately high quality now not amount. The occasions and repetitions listed here are tips. If you are feeling soreness or begin to lose method, take a F–10 2d relax after which proceed. Scroll down to peer the workout descriptions beneath.


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