Spurs lovers make supremely atypical Lion King impressed track video


Spurs supporters make a run at Arsenal supporters within the embarrassment desk

For years now, Arsenal lovers were north London’s most sensible flinch manufacturers via a large margin. However of their unending pursuit in their competitors, Spurs enthusiasts have blown well beyond them with a completely bananas track video that repurposes Elton John’s “Circle of Lifestyles” from The Lion King into an abomination dubbed “Tottenham for Lifestyles.”

This video increases such a lot of questions. Specifically: Why is that this guy wearing round a doll and making out with a kid? Used to be this subsidized through the membership? And, the place did humanity pass so improper? I truthfully don’t recognize. However now we do recognize why White Hart Lane needed to be torn down. As a result of this used to be filmed there.

In fact, this isn’t the primary time Spurs enthusiasts have unleashed a frightening musical nightmare at the global, however “One Membership” has not anything in this up to date attempt.

If this pictures doesn’t violate more than one regulations, the device has failed us all.

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