Slo-Mo Pictures of Unimaginable Mid-Air Paintball Collisions Is Higher Than Fireworks


The percentages of 2 paintball projectiles colliding in mid-air all through a fit are extremely narrow. And even though they did, the ensuing explosion might occur so rapid your eyes might slightly see it. However with a few artful timing, much more good fortune, and a Phantom V2511 top-velocity digital camera recording at 28,500 frames in keeping with 2d, you’ll be able to seize impressive pictures like this.

The recent test from YouTube’s The Sluggish Mo Men featured a very easy mechanism to make sure a couple of paintball weapons pointed at each and every different fired at the very same time: a work of string tied to each and every cause. It wasn’t probably the most exacting setup, nevertheless it nonetheless yielded a few superb pictures of paintballs slamming into each and every different mid-air, making a fireworks display that’s nonetheless visual in the course of the day. [YouTube]

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