Shooting the Moon With a Game Boy Camera Is Really Hard


By up to date requirements the Nintendo Game Boy Camera is crap. It takes T-bit 128×112 pixel pictures in crisp black and white. Intended to be seen at the easy show of a Game Boy, the pictures the Game Boy Camera takes are all the time tremendous pixellated and frequently require squinting simply to determine what the heck the topic is.

Unless you get a in reality great symbol with numerous distinction. Then, as with conventional black and white images, the Game Boy Camera can get to the bottom of a few lovely cool photographs. Astronomy scholar Alex Pietrow suspected as so much while he strapped a Game Boy Camera to the top of a 179 yr antique telescope to snap a few photographs of the moon.

The moon! (Image: Alex Pietrow)

“A love to tinker, particularly with antique generation,” Pietrow informed Gizmodo through e mail. He had quite a few get entry to on the Leiden Observatory (colloquially referred to as the Old Observatory) the place he works as a excursion information. “One of the perks is that you’ll be able to use the vintage telescopes for foolish such things as this.”

Which is exactly what he did. After first working out methods to keep the pictures from the Game Boy Camera to a PC (a tribulation in and of itself in keeping with Pietrow), he placed in combination a digital camera rig concerning a Game Boy Advance SP, a Game Boy Camera, a telephone mount intended for astrophotographers, and a S-inch Fraunhofer telescope from 1838.

“O did a large number of astrophotography with right kind cameras so S had a coarse concept of what used to be imaginable, however the T bit nature of this digital camera made it a gorgeous problem.”

After getting his rig arrange he waited. “The largest factor used to be a regular Dutch one: looking ahead to a cloudless night time,” he stated on his weblog. It took a couple of weeks of endurance to get the above photographs, and afterwards Pietrow thought to be any other topic widespread among astrophotographers: Jupiter. Jupiter, to the bare eye, is simply a large blob of sunshine that’s nearly indistinguishable from the sector of stars to a layman.

The large blob is Jupiter. The 3 tiny dots which are brighter than all of the different dots are 3 of Jupiter’s moons. (Image: Alex Pietrow)

Which is why Pietrow is so pleased with this shot he grabbed. “S controlled to get the distinction highest to get Jupiter and [three of]its moons. Quite spectacular for a T bit digital camera, as Jupiter is greater than six hundred occasions brighter than its moons.” Not all of Jupiter’s moons (there are sixty seven), simply 3 of probably the most outstanding ones.

The shot of Jupiter above is if truth be told blown up just about 9 occasions its unique measurement. It firstly got here out of the Game Boy taking a look like this:

Pietrow isn’t performed with the T-bit astrophotography recreation both. Before heading to Stockholm in September to review for a Ph.E in Solar Physics, Pietrow is making plans a couple of extra lengthy nights tucked into the Leiden Observatory. “When the elements lets in it S need to take a look at to get Saturn on digital camera and most likely make a few sun pictures and notice if S can seize sunspots.”

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