Shinji Kagawa traumatizes kid with nutmegs


Finishing the yr on a top word through making youngsters cry

(Shinji Kagawa/Twitter)

Most likely nonetheless harboring frustrations from his stint at Guy United, Shinji Kagawa has it sounds as if been the use of the Bundesliga’s wintry weather holiday to unwind via crushing the desire of Eastern youngsters with an avalanche of nutmegs.

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder shared video him going 1-v-1 with a bit of child, unleashing nutmeg after nutmeg till the kid ultimately broke down in tears and walked clear of his giggling tormentor.

Kagawa isn’t the one global-elegance footballer to exhibit such cruelty, despite the fact that. Eden Danger has a historical past of snatching the souls of youngsters by means of nutmeg savagery.

Then there used to be the time he utterly destroyed his personal son.

I assume you’ll be able to’t get to the highest by way of appearing your opponent mercy. Even if your opponent is a 5 yr antique.

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