Scuba Diving in Maldives – A Beginner’s Adventure from Trepidation to a Lifestyles’s Lesson


It used to be eerily silent and all I may just listen used to be my very own respiring, as a flow of bubbles hurriedly escaped from my regulator, speeding against the outside as though in a rush to capture a few air. I used to be in any case going scuba diving in Maldives. I may just really feel the chilly water on my naked hands rocking me lightly back and forth. I used to be weighed down, but floating, excited, but fearful, immersed in my feelings, mesmerized on the colourful blue global unfolding in entrance of me.

Captivated via the colourful corals

I would possibly were static for moderately a while, bemused by way of the beauty of the underwater global, till that gentle faucet on my shoulder. Turning my head slowly I noticed my dive friend cum teacher Rachel floating simply by my aspect, signaling me with a hand gesture. It took me a couple of seconds to decode the gesture as I discovered this implies of verbal exchange simply an hour again. The index finger creating a circle with the thumb. Ahhh…. the OK gesture. I signaled again the similar. “All OK”.

We have been 18 meters’ down gliding slightly a couple of ft above the gray ocean flooring.

scuba diving maldives okay

All OK

The making plans and apprehensions

I made a flash determination to dive the former night time, staring at on the celebrity-studded sky whilst enjoyable on the outside seashore bar. A couple of pints of beer used to be all I had to muster the braveness and sign in on the dive store for the following to be had afternoon slot. Stuti used to be frightened in the beginning however assisting as smartly. I discovered swimming a couple of months again only for this chance. Ultimate yr after our Caribbean commute, I promised myself, I used to be now not going to spend any other seashore holiday staring on the ocean.

The sea used to be just a little tough that day. It used to be raining and I may just see a few robust waves converging on the a long way finish. There used to be a thick cloud duvet and a couple of pm felt like night already.

scuba dive in maldives

The darkish and windy climate

The elements made me little apprehensive. I began to believe a turbulent sea with robust currents tumbling me like a work of fabric inside of a washer. Amidst all of the trepidation I blurted out – “if it’s like this above then what will be the scene beneath”, to which I were given a large grin from Rachel. “There’s a wonder looking ahead to you down there, however provided that you cross the checks”.

Checking out Talents sooner than Scuba Diving

Sure, she used to be going to show a few fundamental survival and protection maneuvers sooner than we dive. In case you’re diving with a reputed company, they will have to no doubt give an explanation for those fundamental talents and determine if it’s worthwhile to carry out the similar with out panicking in shallow water. Rachel used to be very transparent in this. If I panicked or failed any of the exams, we’d opt for a shallow dive best or would possibly skip it as smartly.

maldivds scuba diving

Lesson #1: Masks

The primary lesson used to be how one can save you the masks from fogging up underwater. I by no means imagined “spit at the inside of and rinse it” will be the move-to answer. I gained’t pass into the technology right here however it’s the most productive and least expensive method to save you a foggy masks. So each Rachel and I fortuitously spat on our mask, rubbed it completely at the lens and rinsed it with sea water. All transparent there.

Lesson #2: Regulator

The following classes have been tips on how to in finding my regulator beneath water if it will get snapped from my mouth and the way to expel water from the masks.

As I honed my talents kneeling at the seabed, loads of colourful tiny fishes attempted their best possible to clutch my consideration, wiggling their glossy tiny fins throughout me.

Center of attention……………… is all I stated to myself ignoring the colourful little fellows. I did cross the checks with flying colours.

Adventure to the dive aspect

Enlightened now, it used to be time to after all scuba dive in Maldives, one thing I were dreaming for see you later. Rolling on 1000 waves of feelings I needed to take a second to take in this.

It began to rain and the sky used to be cloudy and darkish as we paddled our solution to the deep, floating on our again. Rachel informed me we’d halt each and every five ft of our descent to equalize the water force. You do that by way of urgent your nostrils and lightly blowing out thru your nostril. I heard my ears pop each and every time I did it. Failure to try this can lead to a stinging ache within the ear as though anyone poked your nerves with a needle.

maldives scuba diving

Are you able to see the descent line?

As soon as on the dive aspect, she jogged my memory one ultimate time to not contact the BCD till we floor and launched the descent line. A descent line is principally an extended rope tied to a balloon floating at the floor to lead our descent. Newbies don’t seem to be allowed to make use of a BCD to regulate ascend and descend. It’s performed through the use of a weight belt tied to the waist.

The Descent

The whole thing went quiet once we began our descent. I had a impartial buoyancy as a result of the load belt (a belt strapped to ten kilograms of iron). One mild tug on my belt from under and I began sinking.

The primary few ft of descent have been with none trouble. We halted each and every five ft or so as to equalize. Round mid-means, I had a stinging ache inside of my ear. I right away held to the descent line to pause and equalize.

scuba dive maldives

That is how I maintained my elevation

At 18 meters, slightly few ft above the seabed, I slowly flipped to a horizontal swimming posture on Rachel’s sign. Now the one factor I needed to do used to be paddle with the fins and aspect my Move Professional on the colourful universe exploding in entrance of me. Rachel located herself above me and made positive I didn’t crash at the corals as we glided only a few ft over the tough seabed.

Impartial Bouyancy

As a result of the impartial buoyancy, it used to be exhausting for me to keep an eye on my elevation all on my own. Scuba divers apply for hours on find out how to regulate their ascent and descent. So for a newbie, I used to be doing simply fantastic. I used to be respiring sluggish and stable as prompt ahead of. With each and every calm breath, I felt the fears and hesitations slowly dissolving away into the endless blue global.

scuba dive maldives coral fish

A small coral sheltering such a lot of species of fish

The adventure from apprehension to elation

So this used to be the name of the game that Rachel discussed ahead of. In sharp distinction to the wet and windy climate, it used to be calm and serene beneath. Now not even an iota of proof to signify one thing concerning the climate above. The waves have been mild. There used to be sufficient gentle and visibility to peer round versus what I assumed sooner than. All my preconceived concepts have been bombarded one by one with each and every passing 2d I spent down there.

Marinelife of Maldives

As we have been exploring round, all of sudden Rachel tapped my shoulder and pointed against a coral. I didn’t see anything else in the beginning. On getting nearer I used to be ecstatic to peer my first underwater celebrities. A couple of Lionfish hiding in a nook. We spent the following few mins staring at the 2 deeply engrossed in a mystery assembly utterly unmindful of our presence.

diving maldives Lionfish

The Lionfish

We noticed reef sharks (they don’t chew), circling above us. Reef sharks are relatively not unusual in Maldives. We had a normal customer each and every morning proper in entrance of our water villa, almost definitely in seek for meals.

snorkelling in maldives

The predator on the lookout for prey

We spent the following part an hour exploring the other portions of the reef. There used to be a Nemo (Clownfish) and Dory (Blue Tang) round each and every nook we became. Maldivian Nemos don’t seem to be as colourful as their Hollywood counterpart. We noticed Barracudas, Angelfish, Parrotfish, and a large number of others painted in daring and brilliant colours.

dive maldives dory fish

We discovered Dory

A couple of have been intrigued too once I pointed my Move Professional against them. A courageous infant in fact got here ahead and poked on the digital camera as though pronouncing “get the hell out of my assets you bushy human”. We quietly obliged and moved ahead. The Manta and the fairway sea turtle kept away from me even though.

Maldives scuba dive colourful coral

the courageous little fellow

The sensation of being at the different aspect

The opposite day I used to be snorkeling in shallow water and strayed some distance from the seashore. At one aspect abruptly the ocean flooring vanished and all I may just see under used to be a deep blue hollow. Scared the hell out of me for a 2d. The water temperature dropped too. I composed and steadied myself to go again against the seashore. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the sunshine, I noticed a few human-like figures floating underneath. Ahhhh…. Scuba divers. Way I used to be protected. I remembered this now as a result of lately I used to be the diver staring at snorkelers and different divers above me. It used to be such a lot a laugh to be at the different aspect.

Divers in Maldives

Divers at a distance

The sea global used to be getting increasingly more fascinating with each and every passing second. I used to be being used to the underwater prerequisites and feeling at ease now. An teacher can if truth be told pass judgement on this via the manner of your respiring. Panic and also you breathe rapid and end your tank quickly. Loosen up and also you breathe sluggish and use the tank for an extended time period. Smartly, I were given an A there.

mushroom shaped coral in Maldives while scuba diving

Surprising underwater panorama with a mushroom formed coral

A silent gratitude

I actually wanted I may just shout on the most sensible of my voice pronouncing to the arena how satisfied I used to be at this aspect. Unfortunately, the regulator caught to my mouth jogged my memory how silly that may be. However I may just smile as a minimum to turn my happiness to all of the really good lifestyles bureaucracy round me, however…………… quietly. That’s the bottom rule right here. Best fish talks and farts whilst we stay mum and pay attention.

We glided over a few corals coated with fluorescent inexperienced sea anemone shining in the dead of night. I used to be stunned once I pointed my digital camera against it. I noticed a unexpected flutter after which a couple of spherical black eyes watching me, almost definitely indignant on the trespass. Camouflaged citizens! Some other marvel of nature.

scuba dive the maldives

The sparkling underwater plant life

Wow, this used to be getting in reality fascinating now. I used to be in no temper to show again. Perhaps within the subsequent part an hour, I used to be going to act just like the atypical child who doesn’t need to depart house for college, had it now not been for the abrupt partial blindness in my proper eye. Hastily the whole thing went blurry in entrance of my proper eye. I signaled a “Now not OK” to Rachel and we made up our minds to ascend. I assumed my masks fogged up and therefore it used to be a great time we surfaced.

The Ascent

The ascent used to be very sluggish with minute-lengthy halts each and every few ft.  That is performed to steer clear of decompression illness (technology associated with nitrogen absorption and removal by way of the frame).

As soon as at the floor, I absolutely inflated the BCD. I heard a swisshhhhhhhh and in an instant felt as though any person positioned a floating mattress underneath me. I used to be mendacity on my again comfortable nonetheless seeing with the left eye.

Maldives relaxing after scuba diving

A miles wanted second of relax

Rachel helped me with the masks and most effective then I noticed what came about. I had a nosebleed. It’s now not one thing critical however occurs with so much newbies. Google says if sinuses don’t seem to be cleared correctly it could actually lead to the blood vessels within the lining of the nostril to burst to lead to bleeding. The blood from my nostril slowly seeped into my proper lens and blocked the imaginative and prescient. I used to be so satisfied it seeped best to the suitable. Strangely I didn’t see any purple colour at the moment.

Maldives cuba

There’s nonetheless a few blood on my face

The Attention

There used to be a mild drizzle happening as my ears buzzed with all of the earthly sounds round me. The seagulls squeaking, a ferry blowing its horn within the local jetty. Part an hour used to be sufficient to make me an alien in my very own global, no less than for a couple of mins. Such used to be the air of secrecy of the great underwater global.

We began chatting approximately my revel in floating on our again. I used to be in reality suffering for phrases to explain what I felt down there. Most likely a drop of tear escaped too, quietly disguised with the water drops on my face, stuffed with one million thank you for this excellent revel in.

A couple of years again I jumped from a aircraft for my first Sky Dive. There used to be no time to panic or assume throughout the dive. 15 seconds of loose fall and it used to be all over the place. Scuba is one thing utterly other. It demanding situations you lightly. It’s a recreation of nerves and believe me in case you win there’s not anything extra stunning, serene and profitable than the colourful underwater global.

On an individual word.

This excellent revel in used to be extra of a adventure of self-consciousness to me than a easy underwater dive. I watched an international so stunning and surprising but hidden from the traditional eyes. I noticed that if I need to see the unseen, I’ve to go away my convenience zone one day. And so much importantly, I noticed my attainable to stay calm in a state of affairs the place virtually not anything used to be underneath my keep an eye on.

So other folks what are you looking ahead to? Make the leap whilst I seek for an area faculty to get my open water dive certification.

Maldives water bungalows

Make the leap

Newbie guidelines for Scuba Diving in Maldives:

  1. The entire scuba equipment (BCD + tank + weight belt) weighs virtually 30-35 kg in overall. And that’s in reality heavy to hold on land. However if you dive, buoyancy looks after all of the weight and also you gained’t really feel anything else.
  2. In case you put on your fins on land, it’s so much more uncomplicated to stroll backward. Stroll ahead and there’s a great opportunity you’ll go back and forth over and fall for your face.
  3. It’s all the time higher to equalize sooner than you begin to really feel the ache all through your descent. You’ll get an concept lovely fast on how incessantly you wish to have to equalize.
  4. It’s now not allowed to the touch or stroll on corals as the entire environment could be very fragile. Take excessive care to not stumble upon corals.
  5. It’s very tricky to take care of a solid digital camera place for pictures and movies beneath water as a result of the waves. Particularly for one thing as gentle because the Pass Professional it simply assists in keeping on swaying in all course. A head mount may well be helpful on this case. However that’s a selfie sacrifice. I recorded my movies in 60fps and slowed it down right through submit. This helped so much to stabilize them.
  6. Use a photograph + video mode to be able to concurrently click on a few superb % with the video recording incessantly.
  7. Don’t fail to remember an underwater clear out on your digital camera lens. It’s very tricky to take away the blue tint in submit, because it came about to me.

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