Rob Reiner Says Preventing Trump Is: ‘Final Struggle of the Civil War’


You in point of fact need to credit score liberal celebrities for his or her makes an attempt to dial again the vitriol and heal the diversities among us. If most effective shall we in finding a few of the ones celebs.

As an alternative, we get director Rob Reiner who, in an reputation speech for his Social Justice Award on the African American Movie Critics Affiliation Awards, mentioned his problems with the present management because the “final fight of the Civil Warfare.”

In his speech, Reiner temporarily moved to the subject of President Trump, mentioning warlike rhetoric to make his aspect: “However then he will get into place of business, and there are just right other folks on each side in Charlottesville, and there are other folks coming from shithole nations, and it is going on and on and you spot the people who he hires which might be in his management, and we see that this now turns into the remaining fight of the Civil Struggle.”

The director endured, villainizing conservatives and glorifying the liberal time table:

“And we’re preventing it at this time. And we’re going to win, we’re going to win, however we idea we have been in this glidepath, we’ve been dragged again and we’re going to win as a result of if we don’t win the promise of what this united states of america began as, that is we’re all one, we’re all created equivalent, that promise is probably not learned until we will be able to triumph over what has came about on this remaining election. And I do know we will be able to.”   

The use of the Civil Warfare as a reference for the present management has been a favourite process of the left within the media. ABC’s Leader Political Analyst Matthew Dowd stated, at the morning of Donald Trump’s inauguration, that the USA used to be “as divided now as we have been then,” within the Civil Warfare.

Rob Reiner isn’t any stranger to recycling drained liberal plot issues to lend a hand construct the media’s narrative. MSNBC introduced the director on their software after the State of the Union, the place he whined, “I think dangerous for you, wise folks such as you and Rachel and Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace and Lawrence O’Donnell and Gene Robinson, you all have to take a seat there and speak about this man as though he is a president.”


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