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The place do I purchase Silver from?




  1. how are you gonna say there is no is. is its what we call those inbred fake muslims that hate anybody who doesn't fu%k there cousin or worship the fake God they are what we created with the media installing this crap in your mind now we have to take em out because the fake media has everybody brainwashed to make this a reality for the rest of us who don't give a sht about these goat fuc#ers

  2. His web bot is very confusing. $1685 from high means $1315 (3000-1688)??? or $844 down from $3000 and swing back $844 from the low??? It's so frustrating.

  3. it was at 6 in the morning damn if they get up early and want to practice some ball thats there fun#n choice just because you sleep till noon and collect welfare quit hating

  4. i thought that they were going to stop doin these false flags though…did the web bot predict more i don't remember that…how do they keep getting away with this?

  5. Lol Jsnip! I know what's happening in August 1st! Don't have a heart attack but if it happens and Bitcoin splits the new coin is going to be huge!!!! It's going to be faster. Look at that crash already!

  6. And gold and silver hammered back down yet again after starting the day looking like they would have a $10 recovery, now gold down almost $10, a twenty dollar swing right before the close fo market. Somebody is continually wrong about the supposed end of pm manipulation.

  7. The individuals shot were in favor of outing the pedos. Thursday in Hagmann and Hagmann report. Liz is printing a story to explain all the details. A.I. Bots are controlling the meme and actions of people viewing the net. Guess the hashtag for the day. Shootings. Exactly. Enough said. Call out these demonic pieces of shit.

  8. This 'story' stinks to high-heaven! Yup, they know what's comin'…and they are preparing for a possible…French-Revolution style revolt…bodyguards/security?…they're probably gonna need 'em. Best be prepared ourselves…just in case.

  9. problem is white people are so easy to brainwash in every guetto in america theres mass shootings practically every week crooked cops that terrorize communities but ya scared of a few muslims lol fix ur hoods first ya scared of a video ya would get ptsd in the hood

  10. It could be an assassination attempt because the congressman was trying to pass legislation to curb human trafficking and the corrupt ped gate criminals are panicking

  11. Así será el gran día de Jehová, se está anunciando pero la fecha no se sabe, solo se sabe que va a pasar y nadie sabe la fecha solo el creador, pero la Biblia nos da indicaciones o sucesos de lo que pasará en los últimos dias, ni siquiera el Web bot sabrá.

  12. My sympathy goes out to the wounded I heard The democrats lost the game last year because they held up congress till 2 in the morning maybe this is a payback or it could be one hell of a bet 10 to 1 dems ha ha

  13. To add, there was mention of one being stripped/humiliated in the street. Possibly in Spain? if memory serves correctly. Long time ago. Funny how I remember those old reports quite vividly….maybe….I might have got Spain wrong.

  14. radio personality micheal savage was attacked while dinning. Also I'm conflicted, I want silver to go sky high. But, I still don't have a big enough stack so I want silver to drop to 2 dollars an ounce.

  15. What is the succession chain of power to the presidency? I may have used the wrong word but do you get what I'm saying? How do you eat an Elephant? One power bite at a time.