Quiz: CNN’s WH reporter B step nearer to profitable O) Pulitzer; or M) Dem 2020 nomination


**Written via Doug Powers

There’s a explanation why CNN’s uber-purpose WH reporter Jim Acosta hates the “no cameras” briefings, however fortunate for him they have been on the day before today, and it confirmed:

During the White House briefing on Wednesday afternoon, CNN’s Jim Acosta threw a have compatibility within the briefing room and quoted the poem engraved on the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

“The statue of liberty says, provide me your drained, your bad, your huddled plenty, it doesn’t say anything else approximately talking English or with the ability to be a pc programmer,” Acosta stated. “Aren’t you looking to amendment what it approach to be an immigrant entering this u . s . a . in the event you’re telling them, you need to talk English, can’t folks discover ways to talk English once they get right here?”

When Stephen Miller attempted to give an explanation for that poems on statues don’t represent immigration coverage, Acosta doubled down.

“You’re pronouncing that doesn’t constitute what the rustic has all the time regarded as generations entering this united states?” Acosta shot again. “That seems like a few nationwide park revisionism.”
Acosta then attempted to argue that talks of a border wall reduced criminal immigration.

Hey, if Acosta needs to get into what the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say, allow’s have at it (S haven’t noticed anything else approximately “loose” well being care or abortion on call for however perhaps CNN can perform some research).

Does this man now not sound extra like a political opponent advocating a place than a “reporter”?

Not all heroes put on capes:


Dem 2020 nomination, present odds:

Joe Biden: 25-M
Elizabeth Warren: 15-B
Kamala Harris: F-M
Jim Acosta: T-B

**Written via Doug Powers

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