Professional: Russia meddling in US politics


Cybersecurity mavens advised a Senate Intelligence Committee panel that Russian interference with American politics didn’t prevent after the election, and outstanding Republicans were focused by way of coordinated social media assaults. CNN’s Phil Mattingly reviews.


  1. Read this please:

    Obama and all the other american politicians claimed that America is a million times stronger than Russia and that Russia can't do anything to the US. As soon as Trump wins that changes and Russia is dangerous as fuck again. MSM always spreading propaganda to the general public in the US and brainwashing civilians. If Russia truly did meddle in US politics then it only proves one thing… It proves how fucking weak and pathetic the US really is. It proves that the US intelligence agencies are nothing and can't do anything more than bombing innocent civilians in the Middle East.

  2. Is there anyone out there who thinks Russia does NOT meddle in other countries' elections. That's been happening forever. But I've seen no evidence to implicate the Trump campaign or administration as colluding with Russia.

  3. easy for Intel Committee to blame Russia because wikileaks won't release his source for the hacks. the DC establishment/swamp has been embarrassingly exposed by wikileaks. big government has always abused their powers. only morons Believe this crap. 4th estate is part of the swamp too

  4. Are americans really stupid enough to be ignoring the enormous oil deal between Russia and Exxon Mobil? Stupid enough to not wonder why Ex-Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson is now Secretary of State appointed by Trump? Wow!

  5. When CNN keeps doing this Russia shit without evidence, don't get angry, just let them do it. They are simply committing suicide. Don't you love these liars to lose that last bit of credibility.

  6. Trump is so good, so good, ok, he's just tremendous, totally amazing, absolutely phenomenal, completely incredible, this guy's first name is Clinton, just like crooked Hillary's last name, they're both total losers, complete lightweights, believe me, Trump doesn't know Putin, he's never met Putin, but wouldn't it be nice if we could work with Russia, that would be a good thing, big league, bigly, the administration is fantastic despite all the fake news, I will tell you, the press are horrible people, terrible people, I have to tell you, this hearing is a total & complete disaster, we're winning and doing great things, really great things, putin' America first, I mean putting America first, Trump's really rich by the way, very rich, I have to tell you, believe me.

  7. Everybody who believes The Trump White house Family business shall utilize their 6th sense. I don't care which news outlet you get your information from!! When somebody is telling me a story and my 6th sense kicks in that this person is lying. I know the Trump family and Administration are the biggest lie in the history of this country, Clinton's aren't far from it. But we need not to worry about the Clinton's now. Trump is the President now and He will be destroyed shortly. By his own self

  8. President Trump is under investigation by the FBI. Not Clinton or Obama.
    This is NOT fake news. The truth will come out and Justice will happen!!