‘Pretend information’ gold: CNN journo outs host of CNN’s ‘Dependable Resources’ as unreliable supply


**Written through Doug Powers

The day before today, the host of CNN’s mockingly-titled display “Dependable Resources” took factor with a quote the GOP used of their tweet discrediting Michael Wolff’s e-book which portrays the Trump White Space as a Cuckoo’s Nest of disorder:

Brian Stelter initially stated he used to be misquoted, however later stated the quote is correct.

In a CNN-on-CNN pressure-through lecturing, CNN reporter Jake Tapper took a shot at CNN’s “Dependable Resources” host:

The “pretend information” streams were crossed! I recommend CNN amendment the identify of Stelter’s display to “Unreliable Resources” within the identify of journalistic integrity.

**Written by way of Doug Powers

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