Portuguesa enthusiasts consume gamers’ pizzas as punishment after loss


Hungry Hungry Hooligans

“We consume your pizza. We consume it up!”

Brazilian fourth department membership Portuguesa misplaced three-zero to Oeste on Tuesday—a outcome that undoubtedly had them taking a look ahead to consuming up their sorrows with their normal publish-fit pizzas. Aside from the ten pizzas they ordered by no means reached the dressing room, since the membership’s disgruntled enthusiasts intercepted the supply man, paid for the pizzas themselves and ate them out of spite.

The ones lovers advised the story in their delightfully merciless punishment to Reuters:

“I feel the supply boy got here within the incorrect gate, he used to be intended to visit the house dressing room however he drove in entrance of the lovers who have been leaving the bottom,” Lucas Ventura, a Portuguesa fan and proprietor of Netlusa, a lovers’ discussion board, advised Reuters.

“One man stated to the supply boy, ‘Who’s that for?’ and while he stated, ‘the gamers’, the enthusiasts were given the cash in combination and paid him three hundred reais ($ninety four) for them,” Ventura stated.

“They gave 4 to the purifier and the fellow at the turnstile and different team of workers and stored the opposite six for themselves. The lovers have been livid. However they cheered up somewhat after consuming the pizza.”

Harsh as it is going to appear, this can be a means for Portuguesa supporters to spur their membership on to raised effects. In the event you win, you get the pizzas. Should you lose, we get them. With pizza as a motivator, Portuguesa may well be again within the first department very quickly. And in the event that they’re now not, smartly, at their lovers might be too filled to care.

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