POLL: seventy three% Say ‘Tone’ Of US Political Debate Encourages Víolence


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  1. people here once thought our healthcare was the best humanity could do.now they know they are suffering and dieing so the rich can be richer,this is a clear cut battle of good versus evil, the right to life in our constitution,

  2. youre not speakin of tone, youre speaking of volume. tone is not how loud you say something its how you say it. you can quietly say that all lefties or righties are violent and stupid. that is a very condescending and pedantic tone. tone had nothing to do with volume. so i gotta say you missed the point on this one. like you said they often agree on war, so their tone is one advocating war

  3. I gotta disagree with you here, Kyle. I've been bemoaning the increasing lack of civility in American Politics ever since 2005 – a full TWELVE YEARS now. I agree with pretty-much everything else you say, but you come-off as being quite defensive here. The tone that is at the root of this poll is that of THE FUCKING REPUBLICANS, not us Progressives. C'mon, man; get a grip.

  4. However, Tone-Loc is responsible for LOTS of violence. "Funky Cold Medina" has destroyed entire swathes of our cities.

    True story. 😉

  5. You think the case against O'Reilly (regarding George Tiller) is a "looser case"? What is wrong with you? He was literally the biggest cause in that man's MURDER! He was to blame! Your ridiculous 'free speech absolutism' is literally costing lives; I hope you're happy.

  6. While I agree with you in principle, you need to understand that by "tone" they aren't talking about sheer intensity or volume. They're talking about the choice of words used. For example, among MANY of my primarily leftist friends (because it takes a very strong person to be right-wing and still my friend but I love them for it) "punch a nazi" is considered not just something to be applauded, but HEROIC AND VIRTUOUS. They have gone on to actually suggest promoting violence much in the same way the communists before Hitler's total rise were suggesting it. My point always goes back to "And that worked so well for the communists and everyone they were trying to help, didn't it?" By all means; do not let the right try to tone police or force through legislature with distractions and excuses. But the left tends to assume that inasmuch as crazy right-wingers think they're doing right by killing baby-killers; the left thinks it can get away with hyperbolizing severity of issues (calling everyone a nazi, and also suggest shooting them, and then antifa shoots …. other antifa because they think the other antifa is a nazi; they're smart like that) and that it's all okay. It isn't.

    Also the "tone" of encouraging violence is by no means all on the left side. It's been pushed by right-wing so long we've just become accustomed to it. So the hypocrisy of that needs a lot of pointing out. Ted Nugent for example. Alex Jones. The whole Sandy Hook shooting. TO THE POINT THAT I had friends running in the Boston Marathon and it was right along "my home" (emotionally significant places: first date with husband, where I lived/worked/travels daily for months etc. etc.) and as it was going down 95% of me and my friends GENUINELY THOUGHT it was a crazy right-winger trying to get revenge on Sandy Hook (it was right where the victims' families were) to prove you didn't need guns to kill/do massive damage. = I mean tbf: it was NOT a crazy right-winger, but this ITSELF goes into the idea of "tone" (words/concepts/suggestions chosen deliberately) can "encourage violence." The brothers' became more and more hyper religious in looking for identity and the Imams and people they spoke online to were all about trying to hit back at the West by any means necessary. Back on right-wing nutjobs; just look at PizzaGate. If you seriously suggest and propose and go out of your way to present evidence that people are literally running a child molestation ring and the police aren't doing shit; eventually someone is going to believe it, and believing themselves to be a good person: to try to solve that. Period.

    Please don't tone down (get it? GET IT?????) your rhetoric, Kyle. Just understand that while you and most YTers (at least those I bother watching?) do NOT incite violence or even suggest it, and it should be pretty clear to your audience (even the most deranged and in desperate need of help) you are not the only commentator on the Left. WHILE EVEN THOSE WHO STRAIGHT OUT CALL THE REPUBLICANS PLANS GENOCIDE (which tbf; speaking as a Native American, THEY ARE AND ITS NOTHING NEW) do not then speak as if killing one or two will solve anything (it will make matters worse ^ See again: Native American genocide.) There are plenty who suggest that it is an all-out war between US vs. THEM. And that kind of commentative tone is definitely not conducive to anything good.

  7. I generally agree with Kyle and most of what he said here is fine. But his indictment of the use of "tone" in the question is both incorrect in its initial narrowness and a bit contradictory. The point about tone policing is good, but a tone can encourage violence. Use of specific words is not the only way to verbally encourage violence.

  8. I agree with Kyle but I think most people who answered the "tone" question interpreted it as "rhetoric". It's so obvious that literal tone can't encourage violence that it didn't even enter my brain that this could be taken literally, until Kyle said it.

  9. Maybe people have listened to too many stories about the special tone that drives you crazy… but seriously, Kyle's probably right, I find the idea people have that we can't be harsh verbally ever or it's violent ridiculous, how are we supposed to express righteous passion and/or anger.

  10. What about Kaine saying we need to "Fight in the streets" that's not a random Liberal. that was the VP-elect saying that. Can we agree that's inappropriate? And to reiterate on your point about Bill O'Reilly having an affect on the guy who killed BabyKiller, what about a large number of people on the left who keep saying Donald Trumps a fascist and conservatives are Nazis. So someone who's got a few loose screws, the next rational step against Conservatives and libertarians is going to be violence.

  11. Snowflake, you are ADONISHINGLY ignorant. The Internet can provide real knowledge about everything you need on political matters such as this attempted mass murder, and you're showing willful stupidity in every noise you make. Obviously progard, ain'tcha?