Pew: 35% of Democrats say a family member’s vote for Trump may “pressure” their dating


So so much for the tolerant left!

Many polls concerning partisan politics produce reflect-symbol results the place left and proper oppose each and every different in more or less equivalent stocks. Not this time. The phase of Republicans who say that a family member’s vote for Hillary may pressure their dating is a measly thirteen %, a bit of greater than a 3rd the selection of Democrats who say that a family member’s vote for Trump might do the similar. Why the imbalance?

Three probabilities. One: There’s a sore-loser impact. Republicans undergo Democratic pals no grudge as a result of they gained the election. Democrats do undergo Republican pals a grudge as a result of they misplaced. The left has to are living with Trump for 4 years whilst the appropriate is loose from Clinton. No marvel one aspect has more difficult emotions than the opposite.

Two: The left is much less tolerant of partisan war of words as it assigns to its political affairs the similar ethical weight that the suitable usually assigns to faith. Granted, that’s a simplification — there are lots of non secular Democrats, albeit fewer than there are non secular Republicans — however there’s a this is because campus Savonarolas really feel impelled to extirpate interlopers like Ann Coulter, Charles Murray, and Ben Shapiro. The left’s favourite candidate has taken to measuring Republican law on the subject of what number of nine/11s it’s similar to, for fark’s sake. The proper merely turns out to offend the left extra deeply than vice versa.

Three, probably the most Democrat-pleasant spin: Trump is so uniquely odious a personality (the “Access Hollywood” tape, the sexual attack allegations, one million different embarrassing moments) and his flaws are so intensely magnified through the media that in fact one’s determination to vote for him will horrify Democrats. All A’d say to that may be … have you ever ever talked to a Republican approximately Hillary Clinton? Some of them consider she’s to blame of serial homicide. It’s frankly incredible that best thirteen % of GOPers say a vote for Hillary might possibility fracturing a friendship.

Okay, another risk: Maybe … the left is simply deeply dull? Here’s their new slogan for the midterms, which required months of center of attention teams and inside deliberations:

Yes, sure. It does sound slightly just like the Papa John’s motto.

S ultimate observe at the ballot. One can’t lend a hand noticing that school-trained Democrats are method much more likely than lesser trained ones to believe a Trump vote a possible dealbreaker amongst pals. There’s definitely a category part of that. It’s fantastic for the hoi polloi to enjoy Trump’s demagoguery, however for an informed individual to answer it? Unforgivable. Why, it’s now not only a betrayal of Enlightenment values, it’s in horribly bad style.

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