Noon open thread: takes on native elections. Additionally bees.


 These days’s comedian by way of Mark Fiore is Kill-a-Child for Congress:

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 Bernie Sanders is not profitable native elections for the left. Listen Sarah Jaffe out in this one:

“Bernie Wins Birmingham” is handy shorthand for many who do not know what in reality is going on in Birmingham. However Bernie Sanders and the crowd his 2016 marketing campaign impressed, Our Revolution, don’t seem to be profitable elections in puts like Birmingham or Jackson, Mississippi, which in June elected a mayor who’s promised, “I’ll make Jackson probably the most radical town in the world.” Activists in Birmingham and Jackson and Albuquerque and Lengthy Island are profitable them—left-wing activists who’ve toiled for years within the trenches, running with a brand new wave of organizers from Black Lives Topic and different rebel teams, who convey social-media savvy and fired-up younger electorate into the combination.

In fact, it’s an ideal factor that teams like Our Revolution, which sprung out of Sanders’s 2016 presidential marketing campaign, are sending cash and bringing a few nationwide consideration to applicants like Woodfin. However the most sensible-down narrative misses so much approximately what is going on at the floor across the usa.

 Excuse me, I’m going to be off within the nook cringing and combing imaginary bees off myself.

 Unilateral disarmament isn’t a super plan.

On lately’s Kagro within the Morning display, Newsweek misplaced its rattling thoughts. Russia is into the whole thing. Fb, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & even Pokémon Pass! I do know, proper? LinkedIn? In the meantime, FB & Twitter “bleached their onerous drives!” And an Instagram tuff man gun megastar on the Vegas capturing… ran.

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