Noam Chomsky – Rightward Shift of US Politics


Noam Chomsky is Professor Emeritus at MIT, and probably the most country’s best highbrow critics of america political, company and nationwide safety equipment. On this lengthy interview, Cenk Uygur of TYT and Professor Chomsky talk about President Obama, the rightward shift of US politics over the last few many years, drone moves, the hard work motion, Aaron Swartz, the position of the media and what wish we have now for the longer term.

Noam Chomsky web site: www.chomsky.information

Chomsky Interview from 2010:

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  1. Cenk should go back and watch this video, so he can see where he went wrong. Hilary was even more right wing than Obama m8, and Chomsky called him a republican. Are you a progressive Cenk?

  2. Pointing out the evil of the USA government or any government is easy as they are all based on violence and hypocrisy. What a career in linguistics qualifies a person to do is language and it makes for an easy transition into propaganda, to sum up Noam Chomsky is just a propagandist using the useful idiots of the world facile validating the greed for resources without work.

  3. TYT sellout interviews Chomsky who will ultimately be remembered as a Zionist gatekeeper – you can do a search "Chomsky gatekeeper" and see for yourself.  Ultimately, he supports the Deep State because it supports Israel.  Funny how he never encourages third parties. Vote Green.

  4. 40 minutes in, his optimistic outlook is highly appreciated with a huge example of the arc of democracy in the sense of "of the people" is on a positive trajectory. Not without constant pressure by (today) the progressive, sustainable approach to problem solving. The adults have entered the room. ShakeUp

  5. Trump holes couldn't stand to listen to someone like this using sentences and paragraphs to explain how things really work…the notion that Obama is a socialist is an example of effective propaganda, the purpose of which is to keep both parties entrenched in debate over right of centre policies.

  6. I wouldn't call Noam an extreme left winger. When it comes to the spectrum including the whole world he is more or less a centrist. Maybe slightly left of Bernie Sanders

  7. Even Thomas Moore wrote about the elite in Utopia. The Romans had elites, the Greeks, they have always been around, but Cenk is bought and paid for. Like a race car driver!

  8. I love how Cenk always criticizes Alex Jones for being a conspiracy theorist about how he talks about the economic elite and calls it "a smoke room of people", instead of parsing it with specifics, such as the CFR, Bilderberg, or World Economic Forum. The irony is, Chomsky on his own mentions the economic elite 3 times who control all of theses institutions including the robber baron coup of FDR with Smedley Butler, and Cenk doesn't even grasp the opportunity to discuss it. Why? Because Cenk wants to be edgy but yet mainstream, and as Chomsky has said many times, you can't be both. So Cenk ignores the elites and goes on his day with reporting that 100 years from now will make NO DIFFERENCE!

  9. Any fan of the Young Turks: you need to get into noam chomsky. I like the Young Turks because it gives pretty independent opinions and brings in a lot of interviews all across the political spectrum, but Cenk in the end is still a capitalist and a lot of his ideals would be better achieved without capitalism. Chomsky is great because he is very straightforward, knows a hell of a lot more than the hosts on the young turks, and he is very radically left but with rational qualifications.

  10. Maybe you should ask Noam Chomsky how Anarchism is not a right wing ideology, as he himself is an Anarcho-Syndicalist.
    Referance: your video on the "far-right anarchist terrorists"

  11. I highly recommend to ANYONE the books that Noam Chomsky has written and that are out there. They are written so that the lay person can understand and they are generally short reads. Just go online and order some of his books, trust me they are eye openers and so educational.

  12. Chomsky is a self important nobody. If the Left has the answers, as he claims, then why this Rightward shift? What's happened to the "democracy" he claims to believe in? The proof is in the results. The larger public doesn't want his brand of Leftism or his transformation of society. His goals are not to gain a better deal for the average American. His agenda is to tear down gender roles altogether, to force whites to pay financial reparations to blacks, for all property to be seized by the workers in an anarchist uprising. So with a Leftist agenda like that it's no wonder ordinary Americans have turned to the Right. I am in Austin, Texas, where locals consider themselves to be a community of progressives in a Red state where other cities are peopled by Right wing knuckledraggers. Yet Austin is the only city in Texas with no legal aid or pro bono services by our local bar. Austin is the only city with no medical services for working people who don't qualify for Medicaid but who can't afford private insurance. Austin was the last city to adopt single member districts for its city council..doing so only two years ago. There isn't even a city zoo or museum or locally funded art museum LOL. No aquariums or anything else. Nothing. Austin has the least public housing and the highest rents of any city in Texas. When people come to Austin they notice that there are no poor neighborhoods in the city and ask why? It's because poor people can't afford to live in Austin so they live elsewhere. Liberals, as Barak Obama lived in Chicago for twenty years, actually do nothing to help anyone. They are full of sanctimious opinions and self righteousness but they won't lift a finger to help anyone.

  13. It is interesting that even the so-called liberal MSNBC there is more pays more attention to Republicans in second or third place behind Trump than to Bernie Sanders, who runs second behind Hillary. The only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who is not wholly in the pocket of corporate plutocracy is virtually politically disappeared.

  14. The banks… lol I talked about this with a guy from the treasury department 6 years ago… told him the banks were local and profits were recycled locally then regional then national now Brussels or Belgium etc… the profits are being removed from the country and causes a cash crunch, not lack of work to be done or people to do the work, lack of currency to pay the workers. Guy from treasury said damn you're right…