1. how we buy products without high amount money. where we contact for products for wholesale with small amount. by doing online shopping business. pl reply if u know in Telugu .

  2. In the USA, people want everything for free. That's why we now import cheap junk from countries with different economies i.e. China. As for start up money, that's a no-go as well. BOA required proven income of $250K/year to qualify for a $100K loan. Kabbage would consider $100K loan but with immediate repayment of $1K DAILY for six months=$180K! Government is a joke with beautiful websites and pictures of smiling bureaucrats and politicians but no tangible aid there; and don't even bother with the Better Business Bureau, they only advice what we already know, no money for you! Speaking from experience, count on all odds being against you when you start a small business with little or no capital, let alone with a bad credit score from previous failed attempts. I should write a book about this crap, …. but who will fund it?

  3. Thanks for this video! I set up my video production company two years ago after graduating from uni as I didn't want to work for someone else. I'm now 24 and love working for myself and am now looking to scale up my business. I set up a YouTube channel vlogging about my journey as a young entrepreneur and am hoping to help others make the decision too 🙂

  4. i have done that without any support from my family, friends or anyone else..and just 500INR in my pocket..
    just need an idea and the way to implement it

  5. Forex trading did not ask you to invest or deposit huge amount of capital or money. Because to do forex business a person do not need to have huge amount of money or assets of his or her own. This is the uniqueness of foreign exchange trading. You can start with just 50 or 10 USD. Also Some broker like ECNCAPITAL giving initial deposit bonus. So, there is not much need.

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