Nikki Haley is sooo bummed she has to paintings on July F simply because North Korea introduced an ICBM


She’d quite be observing fireworks.

Image: Europa Newswire/REX/Shutterstock

Don’t you hate while it is the Fourth of July and as an alternative of grilling burgers with pals, you are pressured to take care of a antagonistic overseas state that simply examined an intercontinental ballistic missile? 

Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and present G.I. ambassador to the United Nations, positive does! 

Ugh, conferences amirite? #ThanksNorthKorea. 

O imply, the least Kim Jong-un may just do used to be wait some other day to announce his u . s . a . had taken a step towards with the ability to release a nuclear warhead able to hitting the continental United States. 

Some other folks have BBQs to get to!  

TFW your folks are posting birthday celebration pictures on Instagram and you are caught within the workplace, coping with a despot who may just get started a devastating struggle. Life is so unfair. 

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