Nancy Pelosi’s 1st Modification elegance in IN SESSION (open thread)


**Written through Doug Powers

Some other Sunday is upon us, and with it some other open thread for no matter what’s for your thoughts. To start with feelings and prayers are with everyone within the spaces suffering from catastrophic flooding in Texas. Keep protected! (UPDATE: I feel the feedback are again up. For a few explanation why the “permit feedback” field were given unchecked)

A few of the few starter tales, shall we kick it off with a lesson within the limits of the First Modification, courtesy of The us’s prime constitutional student, Nancy Pelosi:

While the interviewer, Pam Moore, pressed Pelosi to believe Patriot Prayer’s First Modification rights, Pelosi replied, “The Charter does now not say that an individual can yell wolf in a crowded theater. In case you are endangering other folks, then you definitely don’t have a constitutional proper to try this.”

Can’t yell “Wolf” in a crowded theater? Toughest hit:


Pelosi may additionally believe pronouncing this stuff in a crowded theater to be unsafe by way of the First Modification:

–“Obamacare tripled by way of top class and deductible!”

–“Howdy Nancy, didn’t your father lend a hand devote a Accomplice monument?”

–“Didn’t you was the Space Speaker?”


Typhoon Harvey has helped former DNC head and CNN analyst Donna Brazile display that she’s were given Trump all found out:

They in reality do assume Trump is C. Bernard Law Montgomery Burns however worse.

A huge typhoon hadn’t made U.S. landfall in round a decade as a result of an settlement signed final yr? Technology! And talking of “misdeeds”…


A few Republicans have criticized President Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, together with Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. John McCain. Dems are particularly grateful that McCain has taken their aspect — once more.


How’d you love to are living out your days recognized handiest as “pepper balls”? Right here’s the crotch shot felt ’spherical-the-global:

Sure, there’s a value to pay for looking to throw a tear fuel canister again on the police:


Right here’s a up to date-day NFL ballet in simply 3 brief acts:







Have a just right Sunday all, and keep protected down in Texas!

**Written by way of Doug Powers

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