Menstrual Cup: How to Use One for a Healthy, Eco-Friendly Period


Periods could be a large drawback. But now not for the explanations TV advertisements attempt to persuade you they’re.

Sure, a few ladies have uncomfortable and painful sessions (see information on that on the backside of this publish) however there are another large issues of the “norm” relating to sessions. Mainly:

Most Period Options Aren’t Healthy for Women

Most female hygiene choices like pads and tampons include destructive chemical compounds and insecticides that aren’t just right generally. These chemical compounds aren’t just right generally, however are particularly now not just right for the sophisticated and extremely vascular space just like the vagina. With as soon as a month use for all of a lady’s kid-bearing years, the chemical publicity builds up!

There also are well being considerations like Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from tampons.

Or For The Planet

Health ramifications apart, choices like pads and tampons aren’t just right for the planet. Each lady will use an anticipated sixteen,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime. These merchandise finally end up in landfills, taking years and years to damage down.

Most additionally include plastic, which isn’t just right for people, however could also be lovely negative for the surroundings too.

Let me bet, presently, you’ll be considering that you’re only one individual and also you most effective give a contribution a small choice of pads or tampons to the landfills.

natural feminine hygiene solutions


But do you know:

Each yr, greater than 12 BILLION sanitary pads and seven BILLION tampons are dumped into landfills?

An moderate lady menstruates for over forty years, leaving loads of kilos of disposable merchandise in landfills.

Natural Alternatives (That Work Better)

Fortunately, there are a few nice, natural and inexperienced possible choices to poisonous, plastic containing disposables now. Most ladies shell out $F-14 according to cycle on disposable merchandise, so those choices can keep some huge cash!

If you haven’t already, believe switching to this type of. Not most effective are they more fit… however all of those choices paintings higher and are extra at ease than conventional pads and tampons. You’ll get monetary savings too! S win:win needless to say!

The Diva Cup

As you can also acquire from its identify, this is a silicon cup that may be inserted vaginally and it takes where of tampons and pads right through your duration. There are sizes, one for pre-childbearing years and one for when you’ve had a kid (or or 3…).

Unlike tampons, there is not any risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome with the Diva Cup (or any menstrual cup) and it’s utterly re-usable. It can also be boiled to sanitize or washed with consuming water. Many ladies additionally document that it’s a lot more at ease, and so much most effective have to switch it each and every H-12 hours, that is extra handy.

Menstrual Cup: Other Great Options

The Diva Cup used to be the unique, however there at the moment are dozens of significant menstrual cup choices. S just lately had to buy any other menstrual cup while A used to be touring and forgot to % the Diva Cup. O were given this Luna Cup and S have to mention A in fact love it just a little higher than the Diva cup.

S will have to additionally installed my private plug for menstrual cups usually. S’ll admit, while A first came upon approximately them, A idea they have been atypical and couldn’t believe the use of one. Now, A can’t believe now not the use of one. A’ve worn them on global flights, in a single day, at the same time as scuba diving, whilst mountaineering 20+ miles and in lots of different strange scenarios. A have by no means had a leak or an issue and it hasn’t ever been uncomfortable. Really.

In reality, due to the fact that my sessions are lovely gentle, O best have to offload the cup as soon as an afternoon, that is tremendous handy. In some ways, O don’t even realize being on my duration now as S can pass from fitness center to swimming to mattress with no need to switch anything else.

The first couple of makes use of it does take a bit of being used to, however after that, it actually is more uncomplicated. Give them a check out when you haven’t already!

Tips for Using a Menstrual Cup

How to use a menstrual cup like the diva cupHere’s the cheat sheet O desire O’d had on how you can use a menstrual cup with out the training curve:

  1. Fold it first. There are dozens of how you can fold a menstrual cup to enable you to insert. A squeeze mine in part after which fold it right into a “H” form so it simply pops again open as soon as inserted.
  2. Insert Like a tampon. Insert the folded cup like a tampon, angling it to the again of the backbone. Make positive it absolutely unfolds to create a mild suction. This suction assists in keeping it from leaking. Check this via operating your finger alongside the aspect to ensure it has spread out utterly. Pull down somewhat if had to make it extra at ease.
  3. Learn how lengthy. How lengthy you’ll be able to put on a cup depends upon how heavy your cycle is. The just right information is that many ladies in finding their cycles get lighter and more uncomplicated once they get started the use of a cup. Like A stated, S can put on mine for twenty-four hours, however the moderate appears to be approximately 12.
  4. Remove, blank and reuse. Wash your arms in reality smartly and pull down at the stem of the menstrual cup to free up it. Once you’ve pulled it down rather, lightly push on one aspect to unlock the suction and in moderation do away with. Empty into the bathroom and wash smartly with heat water ahead of reinserting.
  5. When unsure, flip inside of out. This is a tip A discovered from my midwife. If it’s uncomfortable or you could have hassle with leaks, flip the cup inside of out. It works like a allure, and is actually at ease this manner. It is somewhat more difficult to take away, so simply use your pelvic flooring muscle tissues to softly push it down to take away it.

Cloth Menstrual Pads

If a menstrual cup isn’t your factor, there also are a large number of choices for fabric menstrual pads. These are extra at ease than plastic primarily based pads! They have a water-proof liner in order that they don’t leak thru garments and are cleanable so they’re eco-pleasant too.

My favorites are those home made fabric menstrual pads from an area circle of relatives owned industry (they may be able to send them around the world!). They’re home made through busy midwives and are nice fabric pads that experience lasted me for years and years!

Organic Menstrual Pads

If the theory of a Diva cup or fabric pads isn’t your factor, it’s imaginable to seek out natural disposable tampons or disposable pads so you’ll be able to no less than steer clear of the chemical compounds within the typical variations.

Sea Sponge Tampons

Another nice utterly herbal choice is Sea Sponge tampons. They paintings in a similar fashion to a Diva cup and gather glide. When got rid of, they may be able to be simply rinsed out a re-used. These are those O’ve attempted. A individually discovered them much less comfy than fabric pads or a cup even though.

Natural Period Pain Relief

Tylenol and different acetaminophen primarily based ache aid choices are chemically primarily based and rising analysis is discovering that they’re poisonous for your mitochondria (you wish to have the ones little men!). Luckily, there are a large number of herbal choices out that, and you’ll be able to additionally cope with the underlying drawback and now not simply masks the ache.

  • Vitex– S fertility assist that still is helping ease menstrual cramps by way of balancing hormones. It could also be utilized by herbalists for expanding fertility, even though it will have to be discontinued while a lady turns into pregnant. When now not pregnant, it may be taken day by day.
  • Red Clover– Another herb that may be supportive of menstrual well being and serve as. It has been understand to ease endometriosis and PCOS and is useful for cramps. It will have to even be discontinued while a lady turns into pregnant. When now not pregnant, it may be taken day by day.
  • Progesterone Cream– O herbal progesterone cream is in all probability the most productive treatment, long term for lots of menstrual issues. O’ve had many purchasers conceive through including progesterone to their routine, and it additionally is helping ease cramps. Many menstrual issues can also be brought about or exacerbated through an excessive amount of estrogen within the frame, and progesterone is helping stability it out. If used, it will have to most effective be utilized in the second one part of the cycle (ovulation till get started of the duration) and implemented to the outside of fatty spaces of the frame just like the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, breasts and higher hands.
  • Taking magnesium incessantly may additionally in point of fact lend a hand ease cramps (and there are a large number of different advantages to taking Magnesium too!)

Do you could have any herbal guidelines for coping with female well being? Ever used any of the tips above? Please allow me recognize beneath!

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