LeBronWatch: My SUPER CREDIBLE SOURCES Say He’s Going To L.A.


Are you in a position for breaking LeBron Watch information so they can completely BLOW YOUR NUTS OFF UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY WISELY FIGURED OUT THAT THINGS WERE ALREADY HEADED THIS WAY? Just right, as a result of I’ve such information. Now pay attention, I do know my monitor document predicting issues is, uh, now not precisely sterling right here. However this night I experience during the geographical region on horseback, with handiest an oil lantern and rolled parchment on me, to convey you phrase:

LeBron goes to the Lakers.

I do know you don’t consider me, however I’ve SOURCES, other folks. Is my supply LeBron? It isn’t. Is it Maverick Carter? It isn’t. Is it Adam Silver? POSSIBLY YES, but in addition if truth be told no. Am I simply guessing as a result of LeBron is already in L.A. and since pretend Woj bills are tweeting that LeBron and Magic Johnson are eating in combination this night and since LeBron gained’t even communicate to the Cavs? NO, I SWEAR. If truth be told, I’m disenchanted my scoop has been probably diluted by way of such chicanery. The truth that all of you’re gonna watch for Woj or Shams or LeBron’s personal website online—I feel it’s referred to as The Unbroken?—to ensure what I simply showed if you’d like to consider it pisses me off, truthfully.

All I’m pronouncing is that on a Credibility Spectrum of one to ten, with 1 being my mother and 10 being LeBron himself, I’d placed the credibility of this LeBron Watch someplace close to a 6.seventy three. Irritatingly, this doesn’t permit me to drop a real DREWBOMB and disrupt all of the NBA get entry to service provider paradigm, nevertheless it’s an open mystery at this aspect that LeBron might be becoming a member of the Lakers in a while and I would like credit score while it occurs. If he does NOT pass to the Lakers, I would like you to sell off BUCKETS of shit on me approximately it from now till the top of time. It’s what I deserve for top you off course.

However I’m now not. LeBron to the Lakers. It is going on, and if it doesn’t occur it’s as a result of Magic fucked it up one way or the other and he’s going to solution to ME for soiling my valuable scoop.

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