Journalism! Dem shoots GOPers, WaPo examines position of proper-wing communicate radio (open thread)


**Written by way of Doug Powers

Another Sunday is upon us, so right here’s our weekly cavalcade of odds & ends.

Leading off, understand that now not way back while an MSNBC-loving Bernie Sanders-supporter went unhinged and attempted to assassinate Republicans at a congressional 3-hitter? If you’re the Washington Post, how do you body that? Easy!



In the week prime as much as the Trump/Putin assembly on the G20, CNN used to be chock stuffed with studies approximately “resources” who advised them Trump wouldn’t increase Russian hacking. And then in fact fact struck once more:



Chuck Schumer wasn’t satisfied approximately Trump’s assembly with Putin:

Democratic Senate minority chief Chuck Schumer referred to as the assembly with Putin “the bottom second of all” and an “embarrassment to our usa and our beliefs”.

It seems like the one means Trump may have gotten Schumer on his aspect might were to guarantee Russia he’d have extra flexibility after his re-election after which hand Putin a reset button.


Great information for Republicans! Hillary Clinton’s on the lookout for how you can lend a hand get Democrats elected subsequent yr:

Hillary Clinton needs to play a task in subsequent yr’s midterm elections. It’s simply now not transparent but what that position might be.

Clinton has already introduced a PAC aimed toward serving to congressional Democratic applicants in 2018, signaling the previous first woman, senator and secretary of State is able to lend a hand her birthday party with fundraising.

She is also taking a look on the House districts she gained in final yr’s presidential contest towards Donald Trump as a part of an post-mortem of her failed marketing campaign, in keeping with resources who’ve spoken to the previous secretary of State.

Meanwhile, Dems seem to be coping with the scoop that Hillary plans to “lend a hand” them subsequent yr with trepidation:


NYC Mayor and G20 Resistor Bill de Blasio has stated he is still “undeterred in our efforts to convey New Yorkers off the streets.” Hopefully for New Yorkers, “undeterred” de Blasio will get deterred lovely quickly ahead of no one has a spot to are living:


There’s no worse information than listening to that innovative/socialist/communist leaders are running to “lend a hand” you.


Photo of the week:

Nothing captures the wonderful thing about anti-capitalist anarchy relatively like an iPhone.


Finally, how will “The Resistance” spin this one? “Trump blows Marine’s duvet”? We’ll see:

Have a just right Sunday all!

**Written through Doug Powers

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