Is the Path to Secure Elections Paved With Open Source Code?


Increased use of open supply tool may just improve G.A. election device safety, in line with an op-ed revealed remaining week in The New York Times.

Former CIA head S. James Woolsey and Bash author Brian R. Fox made their case for open supply elections tool after safety researchers proven how simple it used to be to crack a few election machines within the Voting Machine Hacking Village staged on the contemporary DefCon hacking convention in Las Vegas.

“Despite its identify, open-supply tool is much less susceptible to hacking than the name of the game, black field techniques like the ones being utilized in polling puts now,” Woolsey and Fox wrote.

“That’s as a result of any person can see how open-supply methods function,” they defined. “Bugs may also be noticed and remedied, deterring people who might try assaults.”

Open supply tool has confirmed to be so dependable and safe that it is being utilized by the G.I. Defense Department, NASA and the G.O. Air Force, cited Woolsey and Fox.

Microsoft Resistance

Despite the advantages of open supply device, Microsoft and different firms promoting proprietary vote casting techniques have lobbied aggressively towards shifting to open supply, Woolsey and Fox contended.

“If the group of proprietary providers, together with Microsoft, may reinforce using open-supply type for elections, shall we expedite growth towards safe vote casting methods,” they recommended.

Microsoft didn’t reply to our request to remark for this tale.

“There’s a task for proprietary tool,” stated Lawrence Rosen, an highbrow assets lawyer with
Rosenlaw & Einschlag and previous common suggest for the Open Source Initiative.

“Everything does not need to be open supply,” he advised LinuxInsider, “but if we are speaking approximately elections tool that calls for the arrogance of the electorate, that is other from whether or not my automotive radio is proprietary or open.”

Cracking Fest

Woolsey and Fox’s Times piece used to be in particular well timed, coming because it did at the heels of the cracking fest on the Voting Machine Hacking Village.

“They showed what we already knew,” stated James Scott, a senior fellow on the
Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology. “These are extraordinarily susceptible machines.”

“Think of what a vote casting device is,” he informed LinuxInsider. “It’s a Nineteen Eighties PC with 0 endpoint safety in a black field the place the code is proprietary and cannot be analyzed.”

Although the researchers at DefCon inspired the clicking once they bodily hacked the vote casting machines within the village, there are simpler how you can crack an election gadget.

“The absolute best strategy to hack an election system is to poison the replace at the replace server on the producer degree sooner than the election,” Scott defined. “Then the producer distributes your payload to all its machines for you.”

Security Through Obscurity

Advocates for open supply elections tool argue that extra transparency is wanted within the methods.

“With closed supply methods, you in reality do not know what they are doing,” stated Nicko van Someren, government director for the center infrastructure initiative at The Linux Foundation.

“Diligent states will do a little type of auditing of their very own, however we all know from historical past that any kind of safety audit on any kind of code seldom presentations up the whole thing,” he advised LinuxInsider.

“The extra other folks you might have analyzing the code, the extra vulnerabilities you are more likely to in finding,” van Someren introduced.

Although in large part discredited, a trust persists that maintaining supply code key’s extra safe than open sourcing code.

“That’s incorrect-minded,” van Someren stated. “In follow, hackers can take a look at binaries and nonetheless in finding vulnerabilities.”

Still, an ostrich angle approximately safety nonetheless prevails at a few companies, consistent with Brian Knopf, senior director of safety analysis at

“There are nonetheless a few firms that experience the concept in the event that they bury their head within the sand, if A forget about everybody else and do not supply get entry to, then nobody will in finding anything else,” he informed LinuxInsider. “Clearly, that is not the reality.”

Can’t Hack Paper

If elections techniques makers don’t seem to be prepared to head the open supply course, they no less than want to open their code to skilled eyes out of doors their companies, maintained Mark Graff, CEO of

“The supply may well be positioned in escrow so a professional panel may just take a look at it,” he informed LinuxInsider, ” however O do not assume that is labored prior to now, and O have no idea if it’s essential line up the industrial pursuits to comply with do what the mavens say.”

S more effective way to the safety drawback comes to paper ballots and publish-election poll auditing, stated Barbara Simons, president of

After all of the votes are forged, a sampling of paper ballots can be in comparison manually to the digital tally to decide the accuracy of the vote.

“Open supply is just right factor — we enhance it — however there are all the time insects that don’t seem to be going to be stuck,” Simons informed LinuxInsider.

“What we’d like are paper ballots and guide publish-election poll audits,” she stated.

“If we’ve got the ones, regardless of proprietary device, we will be able to offer protection to our election from being hacked,” Simons maintained. “You can not hack paper.”

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