Insane Kobe Beef A5 and Best Grade Sushi at Sri Panwa Hotel, Phuket!


Spur of the instant meals journeys are on occasion the most productive.

This spur of the instant travel came about to be one of the most final go back and forth culinary highs that O’ve ever skilled, and O’m going to percentage all of it with you on this weblog submit.

Chef Hiroyuki Sato – a grasp of sushi!

Here’s what came about.

O get a message from my family member David – The Hungry Tourist.

He’s one of the authentic meals and other folks enthusiasts, in addition to meals connectors, that A realize – and he’s on the most sensible of his recreation on the subject of the most productive of the most productive, and without equal high quality of the whole thing he eats.

In the message, David stated one thing alongside the strains of:

S’ve arranged a meals pop-up that’s going to incorporate the BEST Kobe red meat and sushi from Japan, flown right down to Phuket at Sri Panwa lodge, are you able to make it?

O day later, my spouse and S have been on a flight from Bangkok to Phuket.

It used to be the meals possibility of an entire life!

Sri Panwa Phuket
Sri Panwa – One of probably the most sumptuous lodges in Phuket!

We arrived to Sri Panwa, situated on a southern cape of Phuket, it’s recognized to be some of the unique lodges in all of Phuket.

Since Sri Panwa is so hilly, you’re transported from construction to construction by way of little mini vans, like outsized tuktuks. It provides to the revel in.

Sri Panwa Phuket
My spouse and A were given a lawn villa

After checking in, we settled into our lawn villa.

The room used to be blank and up to date, being semi-minimalist, at the same time as having the whole thing you may be able to want and extra, all inside the villa.

One of the most productive issues concerning the villa:

The personal swimming pool, and now not simply any swimming pool, however a saltwater swimming pool. A sat within the pool for hours at a time with out my eyes ever hurting from any chlorine.

Sri Panwa Baba Nest
Baba Nest rooftop bar at Sri Panwa

So the best way the meals pop-up labored is that it came about for T nights, so the primary night time used to be sushi, and the second one night time, Kobe red meat. My pleasure used to be at a height.

Before our sushi meal, which little did O understand will be the very best sushi meal S’ve ever had and provides me a brand new point of view on sushi, O met up with David at Baba Nest at Sri Panwa.

Baba Nest is an international well known rooftop bar, recognized for its perspectives, that are not anything in need of breathtaking.

Otoro – Fatty tuna, one of the crucial unmarried easiest bites S’ve ever had

Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Sato

Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Sato is among the so much well known and up and coming sushi masters of Japan.

His eating place in Tokyo, Sushi Tokami is a Michelin starred eating place. In the Japan Times assessment of his eating place, they point out that he demonstrates creativity and information in opting for a few of Japan’s best fish.

Also, Chef Hiroyuki Sato is simply this type of pleasant great man.

Chef Hiroyuki Sato
The signature starting hand roll from Chef Hiroyuki Sato

We sat down for sushi, and sooner than S even knew it, chef passed me a tossaki (a few a part of tuna from the neck) minced in a hand roll with seaweed.

The seaweed collapsed and used to be so crisp, the minced fish melted on my tongue like ice cream melts, and the rice used to be flippantly soured to stability it.

uni roll
Uni – stunning sea urchin

That used to be the start of twenty-two items of the most productive sushi O’ve ever had.

The consideration to element, the temperature of the fish and rice (that is of large significance), and gazing Chef Hiroyuki Sato make each and every piece of sushi, and for my part hand it to you, is what made it so unique.

We can’t duvet all of the classes right here, otherwise you’d be scrolling for days, however a couple of of my favourite items have been all items of the tuna, from pink meat (akami) to the fatty tuna stomach (otoro), the child snapper, sea urchin, and rosy seabass.

S didn’t need the sushi to finish, ever.

Sri Panwa
Southern Thai crab curry for breakfast

A actually dreamt approximately sushi that whole night time.

Woke up within the morning at Sri Panwa, had a swim, after which had breakfast on the lodge. That used to be just right too, together with southern Thai crab curry – A can deal with that for breakfast on a regular basis!

Spent many of the day lazying round, and swimming within the saltwater pool, and climbing round Sri Panwa.

Kobe beef A5
A kilo bite of Kobe Beef A5 ribeye

Wagyu Mafia

The staff that makes up Wagyu Mafia are at the beginning wagyu / Kobe red meat sellers (simply to transparent it up, Kobe red meat is from the Tajima pressure of wagyu cow – so Kobe red meat is one of those wagyu farm animals).

Due to the call for for the meat they have been shopping for, and their wisdom of wagyu red meat, they made up our minds to open an unique eating place in Tokyo. They understand Japanese red meat higher than on the subject of someone.

Along with numerous wagyu portions and items from farm animals breeds in an instant from farmers they individually recognize, they introduced a whole A kilo hunk of Kobe Beef A5 ribeye (easiest of the most productive high quality).

It used to be probably the most superb issues S’ve ever touched.

Ozaki beef nigiri sushi
Ozaki red meat nigiri sushi

In Japanese style, we loved an omakase meal direction, the place the cooks serve you the most productive of the day.

Although each and every wagyu red meat little bit of all of the meal stood-out to me, and used to be red meat like A by no means had prior to, one thing O nonetheless can’t recover from is the oyster blade Ozaki red meat nigiri sushi.

O can nonetheless vividly remember that the way it became to liquid in my mouth with out me even chewing.

Kobe beef
There it’s, Kobe red meat of goals!

Then got here the Kobe red meat ribeye (Kobe Beef A5 BMS11).

It used to be baked in a wooden fireplace oven till the out of doors used to be darkish and smoky however the inside of used to be bloody and pink.

Kobe beef A5
O style of this red meat may just deliver somebody to tears!

The red meat used to be the purest, softest, and so much flavorsome piece of meat O’ve ever tasted. It used to be immaculate and absolute best, with out the will of anything else to reinforce it.

Again, an omakase sushi meal through Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Sato and classes of wagyu Kobe red meat through Wagyu Mafia, have been of probably the most gourmand, top of the range, and exact foods A’ve ever had.

Both really care concerning the foods they serve, and know the way get ready them in some way that magnifies their herbal tastes and textures.

And on most sensible of the fantastic meals, each Chef Hiroyuki Sato and the staff from Wagyu Mafia, are all simply extraordinarily pleasant and a laugh to hang around with.

watch the video

If you will have a couple of mins, press play to observe the video of this sushi and Kobe red meat meal and Sri Panwa!

(If you’ll be able to’t see the video, watch it on YouTube right here)

Sri Panwa hotel
Sushi and Kobe red meat pop-up at Sri Panwa!


A used to be invited for a spur of the instant commute through my family member David, who arranged a Japanese sushi and Kobe red meat pop-up at Sri Panwa Hotel in Phuket.

The first night time sushi used to be served, immediately from Japan through Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Sato. The high quality and care of his sushi making used to be amazing.

The subsequent night, A had a Kobe red meat meal from Wagyu Mafia. The Kobe red meat A5 ribeye used to be sufficient to make someone cry tears of pleasure.

It used to be a gourmand meals chance of an entire life, and it used to be an enormous honor to be invited.

Thank you to Khun Wan and all of the group of workers from Sri Panwa, David Califa, and the cooks for this superb adventure.

DISCLOSURE: O used to be invited to wait this adventure. S didn’t pay for the meals or my keep at Sri Panwa, however A used to be now not paid to put in writing this, and S selected to publish this newsletter (and video). All feelings and reviews are my very own.

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