How Grimy Used to be This Hit Through Auburn's Darrell Williams on Clemson QB Kelly Bryant?


Clemson used to be prime Auburn14-6 within the recreation’s ultimate minute. Quarterback Kelly Bryant best had to take a knee to soften the clock. There used to be no explanation why to bleed one additional 2d through taking his time. He did, even though, and Auburn linebacker Darrell Williams performed to — and during the whistle — via turning in a top blow.

Williams drew a fifteen-backyard penalty for the hit, which obviously no less than flirts with stepping over the road of appropriate behavior. However as a result of we’re having an inside war of words in our Slack, allow’s open it up?

Is that this a particularly grimy hit and utterly unacceptable? Is it merely somewhat out-of-bounds? Or, used to be Williams inside of his rights and Bryant’s in charge for final a ball-service for see you later?

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