Google Fiber Cancels Expansions – The Understand Tech Information


Say good-bye to goals of in reality downloading and enjoying a recreation in beneath an afternoon until you are already probably the most selected ones.

Google Fiber Weblog Statement: kingdom/2016/10/advancing-our-superb-guess.html
Bloomberg Publish: entry to-unit-to-minimize-approximately-nine-of-google-fiber-team of workers
Time Mag Research:
TWC 2014 Improve Declaration: points-on-twcs-plan-to-become-ctv-web-revel in/

Written By way of: Lawrence Sonntag
Hosted Through: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, and James Willems.

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  1. Tampa is a potential google fiber city.

    Why can’t it include St. Petersburg as well? That’s bullshit, we’re right across the bay from Tampa!

  2. Why do americans want 1Gigabit connection? Their land is governed by the copyright nazis and worshippers. You can't p2p without using a VPN which will downgrade you to a 10Mbit connection, or without having the MAFIAA nuking your kids at your front door.

  3. I swear this is Verizons oppertunity to conquer.
    and FIOS providers should conquer in small towns to destroy dial up once and for all.

  4. I love how everyone says cable internet sucks when people in small towns are stuck with slow ass dial up, mobile hotspots, and satellite with its data limits, heres some advice, when you get cable buy the more expensive plan, its faster.

  5. These guys sound so sad and jealous. I live in Louisville, have every tooth, why, because I brush and floss twice a day. We know what L.A. is full of, but I won't say because some people could be offended.

  6. Maybe their plan was more global than what we know. We have telephone, cable tv and internet – all of which can be carried out with a single fiber (ip phone/net/tv box like europe model). Maybe their plan to take over all services hit a legal wall against the companies present and they are trying to fight it out, google meanwhile expanded youtube for youtube tv. I think for this special project, it's not canceled since they pushing hard in that direction.

  7. You almost need the Government to install the fiber and everyone can use it for a FEE, by everyone I mean companies to offer their service. Otherwise it's just a monopoly like your utility company.

  8. Southern redneck here. I live in Georgia and our internet is garbage!

    ISP: Windstream
    Download: 5 MBPS
    Upload: 0.60 MPBS
    Ping: 40 MS
    Monthly Bill: $100

    My internet bill is a hundred bucks a month. And sometimes i have to suffer from Internet Outages that lasts for 12 hours because Windstream only hires clueless morons with zero GED's. Thank you America

  9. I don't know, this show, this particular format of videos from exactly you guys is so damn good. can you make a 4 hour video of you guys just talking about stuff and making jokes?

  10. We have cable.  It's been boosted on speed maybe 2-3 times, twice by us and then they announced a boost across the board.  We just got a brand new modem of one of the higher models.  Our connection has never been slower. 

    I still really suspect one of the roommates is doing an insane amount of downloading and not being upfront about it or something.  But even when only one person is home unless it's my desktop system (that's the only thing plugged in direct) there's a lot of lag, especially on video.

  11. sigh Just when I thought Google would save us from this oligopoly. There's nothing more I detest than these shitty ISPs. I truly hate them with a burning passion.