Filipino Street Food Guide – 21 Must-Eat Snacks In The Philippines!


In this Filipino side road meals information, A’m going to percentage with you 21 in style side road meals snacks that you simply’ll in finding in all places Manila and all through the Philippines.

So get in a position to dive directly into one of the so much scrumptious and adventurous Filipino side road meals!

Note: This record most commonly comprises Filipino side road meals snacks, however A’ll be publishing some other submit approximately Filipino primary dishes.

Watch the video:

If you could have a couple of mins, first press play to observe the video above. You’ll see a lot of this Filipino side road meals which you’ll be able to in finding at Quiapo Market.

(You too can watch it on YouTube right here)

Isaw – one of the crucial absolute best Filipino side road meals!

M. Isaw

We are going to start out this listing off with a side road meals that O assume reigns perfect at the afternoon grills right through the Philippines: isaw, which refers to each pig and hen intestines, grilled over scorching fireplace.

Starting within the center to past due afternoon, you’ll odor the charcoal being lit, and also you’ll are aware of it’s time on your afternoon snack. The intestines are coiled onto skewers, and grilled till charred and smoky. The pig intestines are a bit of chewier and more potent tasting, at the same time as hen intestines are identical to mini tube sausages.

One of the most productive issues approximately consuming isaw (and actual for a lot of Filipino side road meals) is seasoning with vinegar. Most folks love to soak their isaw in chili onion vinegar and allow is take in as so much vinegar as imaginable. The distinction of the smoky isaw with vinegar is terribly pleasurable.

Price – on a regular basis approximately F PHP ($zero.10) according to skewer

Kwek kwek
Kwek kwek

T. Kwek kwek

Another large of Filipino side road meals, and fashionable during Manila is kwek kwek.

Kwek kwek are quail eggs which might be covered in an orange coloured batter, and deep fried. You’ll realize them via their vibrant orange colour and virtually ping pong ball look.

Again, you’ll want to season them with vinegar, chilies, and onions, ahead of consuming for the most productive style. Kwek kwek is more or less like a corndog, however with a quail inside of as an alternative of a scorching canine.

Price – O for 12 PHP ($zero.24)

Filipino street food
Helmets / Adidas – not unusual side road meals within the Philippines

O. Helmets / Adidas

There are rather a couple of not unusual Filipino side road meals which might be rather adventurous, and helmets and Adidas are names used to confer with hen heads and hen ft. Just like isaw, they’re poked onto skewers and grilled over charcoal.

A’ve in my opinion by no means been massive on hen ft as there’s simply now not an excessive amount of to consume there, however a hen head every so often is lovely tasty – particularly while the neck is incorporated with the helmet!

Price – F PHP ($zero.10) consistent with skewer

Manila street food
A may just consume this all day lengthy in Manila!

F. Mango shrimp paste

You can call to mind it more or less just like the Filipino model of a caramel apple, however as an alternative of an apple it’s a inexperienced mango, and as an alternative of caramel it’s highly spiced shrimp paste. And for me, it’s most probably one of the crucial best possible issues you’ll be able to consume at the streets of Manila.

They normally use Indian mangoes (what they’re referred to as), and the mangoes are bring to a halt the seed, poked onto skewers, and while you order one, the seller will provide your mango a pleasant unfold of shrimp paste.

The mango is crisp and really bitter, at the same time as the shrimp paste is salty and fishy and somewhat highly spiced, making without equal marriage of flavors and textures.

Price – S PHP ($zero.14) according to piece

Philippines food
Fried meatballs, dunked in vinegar

F. Fish balls / hen balls

Possibly some of the liked Filipino side road meals snacks, particularly amongst youngsters within the Philippines, and right through Southeast Asia for that topic, are fried fish balls and at the present time fried hen balls as smartly.

Usually while you consume the road meals variations of fish or hen balls, there’s in reality just a little meat within the balls, however additionally they include fairly a large number of flour.

The balls are deep fried, and within the Philippines you clutch a skewer and poke them proper out of the oil, dip them into chili-onion-vinegar, and consume.

Price – T PHP ($zero.04) in line with ball

Quiapo Market street food
Eating Palabok at Quiapo Market

S. Palabok

Palabok is one among so much not unusual of all Filipino noodle dishes, and it’s a well-liked Filipino side road meals snack that you simply’ll in finding during Manila.

Rice noodles make the bottom of this dish, and a thick sauce that’s comprised of shrimp, minced red meat, and fried red meat pores and skin (chicharon) is put on most sensible.

Sometimes you additionally consume palabok with a troublesome boiled egg. The sauce is wealthy and garlicky, and makes a really perfect pair for the silky rice noodles.

Price – 20 PHP ($zero.forty)

Sotanghon – Filipino cellophane noodles

S. Sotanghon

Another not unusual noodles dish within the Philippines is sotanghon, or cellophane noodles. The sotanghon S attempted in Manila at Quiapo Market incorporated cellophane noodles in an oily meaty broth that used to be aromatic with fried garlic.

It additionally got here with a troublesome boiled egg and little slivers of lengthy beans or inexperienced beans within the combine. Sotanghon is the kind of noodles you’ve were given to only stay on slurping till you end your bowl.

Price – 30 PHP ($zero.60)

Philippines street food
Lechon manok – unbelievable roasted hen in Manila

H. Lechon manok

Lechon manok, or roasted hen, is extra of a Filipino meals primary dish (and O’ll be writing a separate submit approximately Filipino dishes), however A simply needed to come with lechon manok in this Filipino side road meals record as a result of there are a few superb side road meals rotisserie hen stalls in Manila.

The hen is full of lemongrass, and rubbed in a marinade of soy sauce, sugar, and kalamansi, sooner than is sluggish roasts to golden crispy perfection.

Street meals roasted hen is one thing you don’t need to leave out while you’re within the Philippines.

Price – eighty five PHP ($B.seventy one) for a part hen

Buko – younger coconuts at the streets of Manila

nine. Buko

Being an archipelago of tropical islands, you’re by no means a long way clear of coconuts within the Philippines.

Buko is the identify for younger coconuts. Although there are a close to unending quantity of how you can use a coconut in cooking, some of the very best and most simple is to only slice it open and drink the water and consume the younger coconut meat.

At any marketplace you pass to, simply search for a pile of coconuts, and also you’re in a position to drink a few buko juice so one can refresh you prefer not anything else can.

Price – 30 PHP ($zero.60)

Filipino street food guide
Street ice cream within the Philippines

10. Ice cream

In the Philippines, side road meals ice cream that’s driven round on carts is in the community referred to as “grimy ice cream.” But despite the fact that everybody calls it that, S’m now not an enormous fan of that nickname. But besides, ice cream is a massively fashionable candy snack.

There are various flavors to make a choice from, however cheese ice cream, sure cheese ice cream, is likely one of the most well liked. You’ve were given to take a look at it, it even comprises actual little bits of cheese!

Price – 20 PHP ($zero.forty)


eleven. Taho

Taho is the Philippines model of sentimental silken tofu (douhua), which has Chinese origins and is widespread right through Southeast Asia. The tofu is on a regular basis sweetened with a sugary syrup, and served in a cup to consume.

You can consume Filipino taho with a spoon, however the tofu is actually so cushy, although it seems like a pretty good, you’ll be able to suck it up with a straw.

12. Halo-halo

*S misplaced my photograph of halo-halo, sorry!

Few Filipino cakes are as well-liked as halo-halo, a mishmash of shaved ice, and principally any aggregate of culmination, candy beans, coconut, candy milk, syrups, tubers, jellies, and so on.

It’s candy, chilly, colourful, and as regards to everybody turns out to like consuming halo-halo particularly on a scorching sunny afternoon.

Ginataang halo-halo
Ginataang halo-halo

thirteen. Ginataang halo-halo

Another Filipino side road meals dessert is ginataang halo-halo, a mixture of sweetened coconut milk, combined with crunchy rice balls, tapioca, pink yams, and a variety of different foods. This dessert is on a regular basis served heat, virtually pudding taste.

If you’re keen on coconut milk and candies, ginataang halo-halo is a Filipino muffins you’ll need to style.

Price – 20 PHP ($zero.forty)

Nothing is extra well-known (or notorious) than Balut!

14. Balut

There’s no side road meals snack within the Philippines extra well-known (or in all probability notorious) than balut — a in part evolved duck egg embryo: you might want to name it the king of all Filipino side road meals!

It’s a snack that’s comfortably to be had, and very talked-about to consume, particularly within the night.

In order to consume balut, you crack a small hollow on the most sensible of the shell, and primary drink out the hen soup. You can then peel the remainder of the egg, season with salt and vinegar, and consume the embryo and yolk.

Walking round an area marketplace within the Philippines is a smart position to take a look at balut.

Price – 15 PHP ($.030)

1 day old fried chicken
M day antique fried hen

15. B day antique fried hen

One day antique chickens are any other probably the most extra adventurous side road meals snacks you’ll in finding in Manila, particularly not unusual across the Quiapo Market and Quiapo Church space.

S realize it doesn’t sound too just right, however S’ve learn stories that say the someday antique chickens are incessantly rejects from the hen farms. So moderately than the chickens being discarded and wasted, it’s in reality a imaginitive snack.

Price – 10 PHP ($zero.20)

Filipino street food snacks
Dried squid

sixteen. Dried squid

When squid is dried, it clearly becomes one of the most final chewy snacks you’ll be able to in all probability dream of.

Being surrounded via ocean, squid is quite common the Philippines, and it tastes nice while it’s dehydrated within the scorching solar, flattened, and grilled.

Just like many Filipino side road meals snacks on sticks, you dip your dried squid into chili vinegar to season, and in addition attempt to scoop up a few chilies and onions whilst you’re at it. This is considered one of my private favourite snacks within the Philippines.

Price – 10 PHP ($zero.20) in keeping with stick

Binatog – corn and coconut

17. Binatog

When S used to be within the Philippines one of the crucial easy and scrumptious Filipino side road meals snacks O loved is binatog.

Binatog is a mixture of corn, sliced off the cob, and regularly cooked undeniable, however with a few aromatic lemongrass. When you order binatog, the seller scoops it right into a cup, tops on a few recent shredded coconut, and seasons it with salt.

There also are a few candy variations the place you’ll get this comparable combination with sugar or sweetened condensed milk, however S actually loved the salty one. Simple, starchy, and attractive!

Price – 10 PHP ($zero.20)

Kutsinta – Filipino side road meals dessert

18. Kutsinta

When S used to be traveling a family member in Tondo, Manila, a person came over to the entrance of her space promoting kutsinta, a candy rice cake, with a gooey jelly like mochi texture.

Although kutsinta is now and again served crowned with recent grated coconut, the time S attempted it, it used to be crowned in one of those Filipino dulce de leche, sweetened condensed milk lowered down right into a sticky caramel tasting unfold. The aggregate used to be candy, however actually just right.

Price – F PHP ($zero.10)

banana q
Banana A in Manila

19. Banana A

Often occasions bought proper subsequent to turon all the way through the streets of Manila and all the way through the Philippines, a banana q, or banana cue, is a banana that’s covered in brown sugar and caramelized.

I Filipino banana q may also be lovely candy, however you’ve were given that beautiful burnt sugar style that coats the bananas and makes it so just right.

Price – 12 PHP ($zero.24) for a stick

Filipino turon
Turon – some of the biggest Filipino side road meals candies!

20. Turon

One of my private favourite candy side road meals snacks to consume within the Philippines is turon, that is a slice of a banana and a sliver of jackfruit wrapped right into a lumpia wrapper, and deep fried to a crisp.

So to place it in different phrases, it’s more or less like a banana egg roll.

What O love approximately Filipino turon such a lot is that you simply’ve were given the candy and bitter creamy banana at the inside of, contrasted via the crispy crunchy outer wrapper.

Price – 10 PHP ($zero.20)

Filipino street food
Filipino side road meals meal!

21. Rice and dishes

This listing of very best Filipino side road meals is fascinated about side road meals snacks, quite than complete Filipino meals foods, that you’ll additionally in finding in abundance. However, S couldn’t finish this record with out bringing up a whole rice meal unfold.

Especially situated down aspect community roads, you’ll in finding small circle of relatives run side road meals canteens serving up a lot of nearby Filipino delicacies.

Similar to consuming rice and curry in Indonesia or Thailand, all of the dishes are ready and sitting in pots, and you’ll be able to aspect and make a selection to no matter what dishes glance the most productive. These are the varieties of side road meals eating places the place you’ll in finding very good adobo (some of the nationwide dishes of the Philippines), a number of stews, soups, curries, and stir fried dishes.

Often occasions you’ll be able to get seats proper in entrance of the pots of meals alongside the sidewalk — chef’s desk seating!

*Note: In the Philippines it’s lovely not unusual to consume your meal from plates wrapped in plastic luggage, and while you end consuming they only toss out the plastic luggage and re-wrap them for the following individual — it’s kind of like the use of paper plates. While this does create a number of waste and isn’t too sustainable, it does make sure you have a blank consuming floor.

Price – complete meal above value 230 PHP ($F.sixty two), and we had a couple of different dishes now not within the photograph as smartly

Best street food in Manila
Where to consume side road meals in Manila?

Where to consume side road meals?

You’ll in finding side road meals snacks in all places the Philippines, and in Manila, you’ll be able to’t stroll various meters in lots of spaces of the city with out seeing one thing being served.

However, you do have to make a choice correctly the road meals you make a decision to consume. Some of the road meals isn’t all the time too recent taking a look or hygienic. So check out to make a choice side road meals that seems to be recent, and that has a top turnover fee, and be extra wary with side road meals that use water or ice within the education.

That being stated A’ve been to the Philippines various occasions, and eaten quite a few side road meals and not had an issue.

The best possible puts to consume side road meals in Manila, for my part are each native markets, and in reality native community streets.

Markets in Manila like Quiapo Market and Divisoria Market, are nice puts to start out, and also you’ll in finding an abundance of Filipino side road meals to take a look at.

Filipino street food
Filipino side road meals information!


In this submit we’ve coated 21 Filipino side road meals snacks that you’ll be able to check out while you’re within the Philippines. This is best an introductory style to all of the other side road meals to be had!

From smoky grilled hen intestines dunked in vinegar to Filipino balut to candy banana turon, there are a few superb will have to-consume side road meals snacks within the Philippines.

And, along side the meals, some of the memorable portions of consuming side road meals within the Philippines are the amazingly pleasant other folks you’ll meet while you’re consuming!

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