Fearless Australian dude throws himself into a hole to catch a massive mud crab


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Look, now not all Australians are like Steve Irwin.

But there appears to be a better percentage of other folks Down Under reputedly reduce from the similar fabric because the past due crocodile hunter. 

As relating to the very brazen Beau Greaves, who lives in faraway Queensland and has no sit back launching himself right into a hollow to fetch an enormous dust crab.

It does not come with out dangers: “Been bitten two times, just about misplaced a finger and been as regards to having my wrist beaten, however A bet the extra you do it the easier you get at it,” he explains in a Facebook submit. 

Lo and behold, Greaves will get his capture, and it is additional evidence that Australians are in reality as wild as you assume they’re.

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