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My eyes take a couple of seconds to regulate to the darkness as O threw on my jacket hood for cover. Are the bats going to start out swooping down on us? Just seconds in the past, S used to be status within the heat daylight, however now S’m surrounded through alien-like formations and whole stillness instead of the sounds of water dripping within the distance. This used to be my first time in a cave like this.




The Lehman Caves are the largest appeal at Great Basin National Park. Cave excursions are Ranger-led and presented day by day and yr-spherical, except for for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. You can check out your good fortune and ebook upon arrival, however you in point of fact will have to e-book your excursion on-line particularly for the busy season. The spots refill rapid. They recommend you guide O-F weeks prematurely for a weekend in the summertime and M-T weeks prematurely for a weekday in the summertime.

  • Lodge Room Tour (zero.F miles) – This 60-minute excursion highlights the Gothic Palace, Music Room, and Lodge Room. It’s perfect for households with small children and is restricted to twenty guests.
  • Grand Palace Tour (zero.S miles) – This excursion final more or less ninety mins and takes you during the Gothic Palace, Music Room, Lodge Room, Inscription Room, and the Grand Palace. You’ll additionally see the well-known “Parachute Shield” formation. Tours are restricted to twenty guests.
  • Private Tour – If you’re hoping to get extra time to shoot and even convey a tripod in, touch the park approximately an individual / authorised excursion. There is an software rate and in case you’re authorized, an extra rate relying on what you wish to have, nevertheless it’s the easiest way to get the chance to shoot together with your digital camera equipment.

See present costs of excursions right here. The time table adjustments each and every yr so test the website for probably the most updated information. In basic, they provide F of each and every excursion an afternoon all the way through the summer time, T of each and every within the Fall and spring, and B day by day excursion within the Winter.

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You can discuss with the caves yr spherical. The temperatures keep a average 50 levels A with ninety% humidity regardless of the out of doors temperatures.

Summer and Fall provide the absolute best get entry to to the park and also will provide the probability to discover extra spaces of GBNP which are normally closed within the wintry weather. You even have extra choices for excursions throughout the summer time in view that they provide probably the most day by day excursions.


You will meet on the Lehman Caves Visitor Center, the place there’s a massive automobile parking space.

Address: 5500 NV-488, Baker, NV 89311
Coordinates: 39.0056166, -114.2220647


Water has sculpted the Lehman Caves over hundreds of thousands of years. Geologists traced the start of the caves to more or less six hundred million years in the past while the world used to be coated through a shallow sea. As the mountain levels shaped and driven up into the sky, cracks and fractures sooner or later created the limestone caves. Acidic floor water formed the areas, and ultimately, while the water degree dropped once more, it’s essential to see the caves.

Water keeps to seep during the bedrock, which leads to all of the superb formations at the flooring, ceilings, and partitions. O love that it’s continuously converting, and the following time we’re again the caves shall be relatively other.

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Speleothems (cave formations) duvet the ceilings, partitions, and flooring of Lehman Caves. You’ll see a large number of the average formations, like stalactites, stalagmites, and columns, but in addition extra uncommon formations, like shields.

Here are few not unusual systems that will help you get began. Don’t omit the cave bacon!

Dripstone – made out of water dripping

  • Stalactites – formations striking from the ceiling
    • Soda Straws – very skinny however lengthy stalactites with extra of a cylindrical form
    • Helictites – stalactites that appear to defy gravity (they don’t simply develop down)
    • Chandeliers – complicated clusters of ceiling decor
    • Ribbons – stalactites that shape to appear to be ribbons
  • Stalagmites – formations that arise from the bottom
    • Broomstick – very tall and skinny
    • Totem Pole – tall and formed like totem poles
    • Fried Egg – small stalagmites which are wider than they’re tall

Flowstone – sheet like formations discovered on flooring and partitions

  • Draperies/Curtains – skinny and wavy sheets
    • Beaverbrook – variously coloured bands inside the sheets
  • Stone Waterfall – seems like a frozen cascade


  • Pillars – while stalactites and stalagmites meet to shape one construction
  • Cave Popcorn – small knobby clusters (pictured under at the left)
  • Shield – spherical or oval parallel plates with a skinny medial crack among them

Cave Popcorn at Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park + Types of Cave Formations and Essential Tips for Your Visit // localadventurer.comCave Bacon at Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park + Types of Cave Formations and Essential Tips for Your Visit // localadventurer.com
Lehman Caves Tours at Great Basin National Park, Nevada // localadventurer.comLehman Caves Tours at Great Basin National Park - Caves in Nevada // localadventurer.com


Although the native Native Americans prior to now used the caves, Absalom Lehman used to be the primary to deliver vacationers to the world. The first in depth Lehman Caves excursion used to be in 1885, and he used to be the information.

Absalom Lehman used to be born on January S, 1827 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Over his lifetime, he lived in Ohio, California, Nevada, and Australia, the place he met his spouse. He held quite a few jobs, together with mining for gold, proudly owning a couple of wool retail outlets, and ranching. It is thought that Absalom found out the caves all through his 2d stint in Nevada.


If you sign up for an ordinary excursion, you’re most effective allowed to convey a digital camera (no tripods or luggage). If pictures are a concern, touch the customer middle and notice if you’ll be able to get a allow to do an individual excursion.

On a standard excursion, you’ll be able to nonetheless get respectable pictures. Make positive you put a top ISO and shoot with the bottom A-prevent. Typically you’ll need to be capturing at a shutter velocity of one hundred or extra until your palms are in point of fact stable. You too can underexpose the pictures round one prevent in order that the pictures are the right kind publicity.

Fixed lighting fixtures remove darkness from the primary formations. You can convey a headlamp or flashlight at the excursion which you’ll be able to use to gentle any options that would possibly not have sufficient gentle.

If you’re on an individual excursion, you’ll be able to move at your personal %. The first few rooms are small and slender, whilst the again rooms are so much greater and expansive. If we had recognized that, we’d have spent much less time within the first couple of rooms.

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  • Show up early to get a briefing.
  • Book your excursion once you understand your go back and forth dates. It fills up and also you don’t need to display up simply to determine you’ll be able to’t see the caves.
  • To offer protection to the bats from white nostril syndrome, you don’t seem to be allowed to convey any shoes, garments, or equipment that has been in any other cave.
  • Please recognize the principles and lend a hand maintain this delicate atmosphere. You can already see spaces the place the formations have been damaged off via carelessness.
  • The path can also be slippery and rainy, put on footwear with just right treads.
  • You are best allowed to convey a digital camera, jacket, flashlight, keys, pockets, and get in touch with into the caves. Bags, handbags, and tripods don’t seem to be allowed within the caves on common excursions.
  • You don’t need to move slowly, however there are issues the place there are low ceilings.
  • If you have got youngsters, the Lodge Room excursion is perfect. Children beneath F would possibly not sign up for the Grand Palace excursion with the exception of right through the wintry weather.


  • Bring a mild jacket, it doesn’t matter what time of yr, the cave is set 50F (10C).
  • Shoes with just right traction (His + Hers)
  • Camera (5D Mark III) + Lenses (35mm)
  • Flashlight or Headlamp
  • Tripod (in case you are doing an individual excursion)


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