Easy DIY Granite Cleaner for Naturally Clean Countertops


A use my selfmade all-objective purifier on virtually the whole thing round the home, however it doesn’t paintings for each and every floor. Our house has granite counter tops within the kitchen and because granite could be a little fickle relying on what you employ to wash it, A made up our minds to check out making a purifier in particular for granite surfaces.

After a couple of makes an attempt, this herbal granite purifier successfully will get my granite countertop blank and streak-loose with out destructive it, and fortunately, it’s nonetheless rapid and easy to make! Simplicity is vital while it comes maintaining herbal possible choices for a circle of relatives, and this one isn’t any exception.

Why Any Old Cleaner Won’t Do

There are a variety of do-it-yourself herbal cleaners in the market, however granite is a choosy subject matter on the subject of cleansing. Some retailer-purchased cleaners can strip the protecting sealant off of the pretty granite. Vinegar or lemon juice is acidic and will etch its floor. Baking soda can also be too abrasive and too can scratch.

Even undeniable antique cleaning soap and water gained’t do the trick. Soap can depart a movie if an excessive amount of is used, and undeniable water isn’t nice both as it doesn’t disinfect and will steadily depart streaks.

So… what’s a mama to do while she needs blank counters?

It’s so much more uncomplicated than it sounds!

O Homemade Granite Cleaner that Works!

So what does paintings as granite purifier? Although lots of my same old herbal cleansing foods are off the listing on the subject of cleansing granite, one easy element (plus water) cleans granite to perfection.

All a granite purifier actually wishes is a bit of alcohol introduced to water. Alcohol each disinfects and evaporates temporarily so the purifier doesn’t depart streaks at the back of.

Store-purchased herbal granite cleaners are a lot more pricey than my do-it-yourself model, and include the similar fundamental components as this one. One common herbal granite cleansing choice incorporates water, alcohol, a surfactant (like cleaning soap), preservatives, and herbal and synthetic fragrances.

This do-it-yourself granite purifier works the similar, minus the fewer perfect stuff!

Favorite Essential Oils for Cleaning Granite

Of path, S really feel a bit of additional rewarded for my attempt while my kitchen now not best seems blank however smells recent too. And allow’s face it, in a herbal kitchen with a large number of child-cooking and from-scratch meals prep happening, A want somewhat additional cleansing energy now and then.

Thankfully, there are very important oils particularly just right for cleansing within the kitchen, and protected to be used on granite.


Basil is a favourite herb to make use of within the kitchen and could also be antibacterial and antiviral. This examine discovered that it effectively inhibited A-coli, in addition to more than a few lines of micro organism and fungi. The smell of basil very important oil additionally is helping to uplift and energize.


Citrus very important oils are well-liked in do-it-yourself cleaners for his or her fresh smell. Grapefruit pairs smartly with basil and is used on this granite purifier for its vary of antimicrobial advantages.

This look at checked out not unusual clinic-received infections and antibiotic-resistant lines. Grapefruit very important oil confirmed really extensive efficacy towards the antibiotic resistant lines examined, together with MRSA and resistant lines of candida.

Note: A did point out that vinegar and lemon juice are too acidic to make use of on granite, so A needed to test if a citrus very important oil can be protected to make use of in a granite purifier. It’s real citrus very important oils may also be caustic relating to plastic, that is why they want to be saved in glass bottles. In this recipe, then again, the grapefruit very important oil is diluted to approximately .25%. Also, in contrast to citrus juice, citrus very important oils don’t have an acidic pH. From what O’ve noticed, there shouldn’t be any fear with regards to the use of diluted citrus very important oils on granite.

Other Essential Oils for Cleaning

O all the time revel in switching up very important oils for various scents and advantages. When you’re in a position for a transformation, exchange any other very important oil or . Lavender and lemon very important oil are cleaning and odor nice in combination. Another just right choice is the antimicrobial powerhouses of cinnamon, clove and orange in a “thieves” sort mix.

There are quite a few very important oils which are nice for cleansing. It in point of fact simply is dependent upon choice.

Natural Granite Cleaner Ingredients

Granite Cleaning Instructions

  1. Combine all foods within the spray bottle and shake smartly to mix. Shake smartly sooner than each and every use.
  2. To use the granite purifier, shake and spray liberally on a granite floor. Wipe the granite lightly with a microfiber fabric, making use of just a little extra elbow grease the place wanted.
  3. Enjoy stunning, glossy counter tops!

Protecting Granite from Damage

Using a devoted, granite-protected purifier is simply step one with regards to protecting your granite taking a look as just right as new. Here are another guidelines for granite care:

  • Wipe up spills instantly to steer clear of staining.
  • Use pot holders or coasters while environment heat or chilly pieces on granite counter tops.
  • Refresh the protecting coating on granite counter tops while wanted. S haven’t had to seal ours but, however fortunately there are a few greener choices in the market.

What have you ever used for granite purifier? Which herbal choices paintings right for you?

Natural granite cleaner

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