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Mr. Trump has confronted a variety of competition during his presidential marketing campaign, and now one of the most tech global’s largest and so much tough figures also are popping out in disapproval of the Donald.

Tech global vs Trump

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  1. Hey here's an idea. let the 1% pick the new president I guess these 150 tech people are part of the 1%. a kinda of president that will tell people what to do and has full control of all decisions… a kind of dictator I guess. I'm not pro trump but fuck me the scorned only want democracy when democracy is in their own favour. I lost a bet on a horse last week can I have my money back be I don't agree with the decision. Democratic protesters are the new SJW's and I'm ashamed to think they believe that their own warped view on democracy is what evvvvverybody wants. wake up the world of my way my rights, not everyone agrees with you!

  2. the teen choice awards are the same shit as the streamies, theres no actually polling of people, its a few executives in a room deciding it. all just bullshit.

  3. Twitter…. Stop right there, this is a company that bans users for being "bullys" while allowing Terrorists to use their platform freely, why the fuck would I trust them for political information this is an endorsement for Trump, when Trump gets into power I hope Twitter gets shutdown for being pro Terrorism anti freespeach. also just a small tidbit Twitter is owned by Saudi Oil.

  4. It is not that trump is against immigrants it is let's have them come In legally which honestly using asking too much. And the whole refugee thing hasn't been done well anyway and if you look at Europe it isn't doing well for them. Having a little more oversight for that I think would be good.

  5. Thank you ETC- I am now getting a lot of my "used to be DARPANet" Crack from you guys. I was egregiously unaware of some of the mind fap worthy apps and web series out there. Kudos, fish sticks and pudding to you all.

  6. Why do they keep reporting on the crimes we do to robots? that shit needs to stay hush hush so when the robots take over they dont kill us immeadiatly

  7. I was always against businessman Donald Trump running for president. I always knew he was a bad guy but I actually thought he was making good points at the RNC. But this video snapped me out of his illusions. I was hesitant for a second but when I thought about it, it was clear. The fact that stopping immigration made it certain that Donald J Trump is a bad guy.

    They mentioned that if Donald Trump stopped immigration that technology would cease to advance due to the brilliant minds not being able to immigrate to the USA. That is BAD for the USA. The US is at the forefront of technology. but who is it good for then? EVERY. OTHER. COUNTRY. What does this mean for Trump though?

    HE. IS. A. BUSINESSMAN! How much money would other countries pay to have the upper hand other the USA?!?! Who loves money over everything?!? Business men do. A business man like Donald Trump.

    But the real story behind this is just how much a man will do to get that beautiful, Beautiful Money.

  8. omg you guys need to leave the politics to people who actually know what they're talking about it mean that's why I used to like you guys because you would say random shit about random stuff but when you say random shit out of context about important stuff like this you just sound like all the other left wing idiots who can't have an actual debate without trying to make fun of who ever you don't like but what ever i guess that's just how SJW handle stuff

  9. Those "tech guys" are Leftist Globalists. They kick people like Milo off Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. They are the "disaster" who hate free speech and innovation. Unless its Leftist Globalist bullshit like you assholes.

  10. If what you said was true then why is our economy in the shape its in? You're right though gotta love them part time jobs right? I guess this is the change Obama promised.

  11. I love it. You guys do pretty good political commentary. Just make sure you do your homework or you'll be swarmed with snark and ugliness. Actually, you guys do whatever commentary well. Maybe it needs it's own show. Poli-TUGS???!!! 😲

  12. I follow both parties and it is retarded to see when the left is so obvious about fucking over the right, I don't think I can blame them though, it's their competition after all, but it amazes me that they act like Hillary is all perfect, even though she got herself caught. My point here being that Trump is not against immigrants, this is just lefty trying to smear him. He is against ILLEGAL immigrants and wants to check on people coming in the country, his problem is that he's not that eloquent in his speech and it comes off as him hating a certain group, that and the fact that, yet again, left is smearing him by adding all sorts of false facts to his statements by exaggerating them and using the slippery slope fallacy. I have no horse in this race, I just hate the double standards going on here and the fact that they treat Trump like the end of the world and Hillary like she's here to save the nation, meanwhile she's more corrupt than him and her only selling point is that she's a woman and these feminazis would vote anyone as long as they're not cis white males. I wish I was just joking, but when you hear women online going with "it's about making history", yeah, I am out. I don't think anyone could ever trust a woman to be president after the damage Hillary will cause.