Dear Mark: Collagen Peptides, Fasting vs Sleeping, Dog Bone Broth, and Pork Broth


For these days’s model of Dear Mark, O’m answering 4 query. First, are collagen peptides simply as efficient as bone broth or different collagen resources? Second, how will have to O make a choice from IFing or slumbering like a child the use of pre-bedtime vitamins that can obstruct autophagy? Next, O discover whether or not you will have to be making canine bone broth (it’s now not what you assume, so don’t fear approximately that). And in any case, what are a few of my favourite red meat bone broth recipes?

Let’s move:

Nicole asks:

Hello – A am considering if any one has any reviews at the Pacific Organic Bone Broth you could get at Costco. S’m skeptical it’s the “just right stuff.” Also, do collagen peptide powders be offering the similar advantages?

A haven’t attempted the Pacific broth, however a just right rule of thumb is to take a look at the protein content material at the label. If it’s top, you’ll be able to think it’s top in collagen.

Collagen peptides seem to have a number of the similar results as broth or directly collagen or gelatin powder. They will have to. They’re manufactured from the similar stuff, handiest extra digestible.

Collagen peptides progressed frame composition, higher fats loose mass, and boosted power in sarcopenic (muscle-losing) older males. No, collagen amino acids don’t right away give a contribution to muscle protein synthesis, however they’re protein-sparing—while you consume collagen/gelatin/collagen peptides, you wish to have fewer amino acids from extra androgenic resources to get the similar impact.

Collagen peptides derived from red meat bone and red meat pores and skin stepped forward high quality of lifestyles and subjective ache ranges in comparison to placebo in osteoarthritis sufferers. Just like gelatin/collagen does.

Drinking fermented milk with brought collagen peptides higher collagenous amino acid ranges in plasma.

Peptides for sure paintings. But so does immediately-up collagen or gelatin (or bone broth, for that topic).

Stefan H. wonders:

Hello, Mark! A have a query. O’m partial to the IF protocol, however S love to consume a tablespoon of honey, of coconut oil, and drink a large mug of bone broth 30 m – B hr prior to sleep.

It knocks me out just right. A’m following your tips for sleep!!

The drawback is that my time table is so much suitable with a consuming window from H AM to twelve PM, so say S drink the bone broth at nine PM; A worry it would have an effect on the autophagy results of fasting.

Are the amounts discussed going to damage fasting-brought on autophagy? If so, how may just S make it up, if A nonetheless drink ahead of mattress as it’s so useful?

Should S attempt to make a compromise or, say, upload T day by day-lengthy fasts every week; or one F day-lengthy rapid a month, or no matter what, for more advantageous autophagy? What can be so much efficient?

If O cyclically transfer among a carb-loaded crossfit coaching duration (top tension and top power necessities) and a extra comfortable ketogenic weightlifting coaching duration (upkeep somewhat than consistent pushing), what’s the most productive plan of action for each and every situation?

On the hierarchy of well being selections, sleep trumps virtually the whole thing else. If a spoonful of honey, a mouthful of coconut oil, and a large mug of bone broth are the important thing to getting you H hours of forged sleep an evening, it’s value giving up a compressed consuming window. And but even so, dangerous sleep kills autophagy.

You may just check out introducing one intervention at a time. Try the broth on my own at night time for every week. Try the honey on my own at night time for every week. Try the coconut oil on my own at night time for every week. You would possibly not want all 3 to get the specified impact. Broth on my own may just do it.

As to the final query:

O in finding keto-primarily based power coaching works really well with each a compressed consuming window of S-H hours or occasional 24-hour fasts.

For CrossFit, don’t rapid on a daily basis, however make certain your fasts fall on days you don’t teach. S rapid is usually a complete 24-hour one or a compressed consuming window.

S don’t assume F-day fasts are important. It sounds such as you’ve were given your geese in a row. You’re napping smartly, coaching incessantly, dipping into keto—you’re selling a number of autophagy. Just now not certain a F-dayer gives anything else unique to somebody such as you, with the exception of perhaps as a feat of staying power and braveness and fortitude.

Which is very important, too.

Pippa asks:

S have a query- my butcher sells bag of bones for $T. They can be absolute best for broth making, on the other hand they’re categorized “canine bones” and don’t seem to be saved chilly (they only take a seat in a trolley in the course of the store). Would they be protected to make use of for broth making?

S wouldn’t possibility it.

Bobby Walker asks:

Any red meat bone broth recipes in the market? A have approximately 12lbs of red meat bones however haven’t had a clue on what to do with them.

Thanks prematurely.

O like a easy Asian red meat broth.

Put bones in pot, fill with water, deliver to boil.

Dump out the water, store the bones. Clean them beneath operating water, ensuring to take away as so much blood as imaginable (use a butter knife or chopstick).

Add them again to pot with recent water, a large wedge of smashed ginger, a few inexperienced onions, and that’s approximately it. Maybe a couple of cloves of garlic.

Simmer or drive prepare dinner till the consequent liquid gels. Season with salt and/or tamari sauce.

Another red meat broth S’ve loved is a wealthy brown one.

Roast the bones plus a few onions, carrots, garlic, and tomato paste at four hundred for forty mins, or till darkish and golden brown.

Add contents of roasting pan to pot, duvet with water.

Deglaze roasting pan with large purple wine, a few part bottle to a bottle’s value. Keep the warmth on so lend a hand holiday down the alcohol.

Add deglazed scrapings and a bay leaf to the pot.

Simmer or force prepare dinner till gel happens.

Vastly other from the extra subtle Asian-taste red meat broth, although. Keep each round for various functions.

Thanks for studying, everybody. Take care!

Be positive to lend a hand out down under with any solutions you’ll be able to amplify on.


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