Dare to dream: ‘Constitutional regulation professional’ lays out Hillary’s trail to the WH


**Written by way of Doug Powers

That is this type of ridiculous pipe dream that common pipe goals are giggling at it, however hardcore Clinton lovers may well be intrigued and stuffed with recent wish, so right here is going — Hillary’s trail to the White Space because it stands now:

Right here’s how constitutional regulation skilled Lessig lays it out:

If number one: If Trump is definitively discovered to have colluded instantly with Russia, he can be pressured to renounce or be impeached.

If quantity 2: If Trump is got rid of, Vice President Mike Pence may develop into president.

If quantity three: If Pence turns into president, he will have to renounce too, for the reason that he benefited from the similar lend a hand from Mom Russia.

If quantity four: If Pence resigns prior to appointing a vice chairman, Ryan might develop into president.

If quantity five: If Ryan turns into president, he will have to do the appropriate factor and select Clinton for vice chairman. Then he will have to renounce.

“The solution turns out unavoidable: He will have to nominate the individual defeated via the treason of his personal birthday celebration, after which step apart and allow her turn out to be the president,” Lessig writes. “Doubtless, if Ryan did the best factor, that will be the so much odd adventure within the historical past of The us because the Accomplice Military fired on Castle Sumter. However in contrast to that, this adventure may construct the union, now not divide it.”

Seems like an effective technique!

Too dangerous the Clinton marketing campaign didn’t check out one thing like that sooner than the election:

If no 1: Hillary doesn’t inform coal u . s . a . she’s going to place them out of labor.

If quantity 2: Hillary campaigns in Wisconsin.

If quantity three: Hillary spends time in swing states as an alternative of schmoozing wealthy celebs in L.A. and at the Winery.

If quantity four: Hillary’s marketing campaign doesn’t think the election is within the bag 3 months ahead of it occurs.

However besides, all Hillary must do is placed on those ruby slippers (after her damaged toe heals in fact) and do that 3 times at the same time as pronouncing “there’s no position just like the White Space.” At that time… not anything will occur.

**Written via Doug Powers

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