Cristiano Ronaldo: I’m higher than Lionel Messi – BBC Information


Actual Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo believes he’s higher than Barcelona ahead Messi and says that during his thoughts, he “is all the time the most productive”. The previous Manchester United winger tells BBC Game’s Dan Roan that he would possibly go back to Antique Trafford at some point as “the longer term no one is aware of”. Ronaldo unearths he feels satisfied at being a celebrity and places it right down to being “implausible” at the pitch.

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  1. Messi is far better than Rinaldo in both game and personality .Rinaldo is just selfish and self promoting but messi in the other hand is promoted by people allover the world

  2. I like CR7 as he said truth that what he thinks and from this we come to know that he is honest as he said truth !! LOTS OF LOVE FOR CR7 for his kindness,, and much more,,

  3. why’s he talking about himself like that…. even if you’re one of the best, being humble a little won’t hurt your arrogant ass… disgusting

  4. Messi is very humble and says Ronaldo is the best, but we all know Messi is not human, so he doesn't classify as the best footballer in the world. Messi is what we call the best inhuman beast in the universe.

  5. I watched recently an interview from messi about ronaldo.I was so imaged what a great guy messi is.throughout his interview it was full of praise about ronaldo.not a signal time he ever mentioned about was too much generosity from messi.therefore messi won more peoples hearts than future peoples would see another Ronaldo but I m pretty sure not another messi

  6. He is so stupid that I can’t even comment. “ in my mind I m the best” seriously?? that’s the best u could come up with??

  7. He is the best in his area. That is true. Messi cannot make long shots as Ronaldo, can't take freekicks as Ronaldo, cant't be resistant as Ronaldo, can't have aesthetic touches and shooting skills as Ronaldo, and nowadays you see he is not stable as Ronaldo even he is younger than Ronaldo. Messi is just crossing players and putting the ball in the goal. Yes one of the best players but he is flat. He doesn't give the watching pleasure as Ronaldo do I think.

  8. For me Ronaldo is the best football player and I don't care what you say. That's what I like about him; his confidence and his hardwork